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Your Libido Is A Direct Reflection Of Your Health

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2013

Your Libido is a direct reflection of your health.

When used in a healthy way, sex actually can build Qi, enhance mental and emotional balance and decrease stress. It is a natural, vital process and a great way to perk up a relationship that has been strained. Yet, as we age, it has become common dogma that sex drive must diminish and this is simply not true. Aging should have no noticeable effect on the sex drive if the Qi has been sustained. Women often present to physicians expressing a dramatically diminished libido, among other hormonal complaints. Sadly, since the topic of sex is still deemed too difficult to talk about openly, many doctors equate a low libido with depression, and rush to remedy the problem with pills. But there are other ways, and no, it is not depression.

Sex is a process governed by the Qi of the liver and kidneys. Consequently, if we have not cared for these organs in our youth, when we reach a certain age, they will start to show signs of wear. Jing is the name for the essence of the Kidney most expressed by sexual activity. It is our internal fire, it sustains energy, vitality, virility and desire and it is most diminished by a life out of balance. Staying up too late, relying on coffee, chocolate, and wine to get us through and making no real-time for conscious stillness all drain our Jing quickly.

Imagine a pool that is full at the beginning of our life. This pool is our reserve supply, it can never be refilled and once empty, and our life force is exhausted completely. The trick is to sustain ourselves through good quality and easy to digest foods, proper rest and exercise, mental and emotional and spiritual balance such that we never need to access the reserve. Yet, few live this way, and consequently, many begin to tap the reserve pool at a very young age, even into our 20’s. Most everyone has heard stories of people who lived to very old ages, 120, 150, 190 even having children into their 80’s and 90’s. These stories demonstrate Jing that was never exhausted, which is why virility was sustained 

So, back to sex, and our desire or lack of desire for it. These issues can best be addressed by enhancing the Qi of the body, using herbs that support the Jing and the Qi of organs like the Spleen, and Liver and Kidney that must generate and move the Qi to facilitate proper nourishment of our tissues and by default our hormonal systems and therefore our libido. Techniques and therapies of Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation, abdominal breathing and self-massage along with tantric practices can all help rebuild systems that have become weak through life activity and restore the internal connections necessary for our libido to be restored. The bonus is that this work also reduces inflammation, risk of serious disease, improves memory, balance, immune function and mood!

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