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Are you hibernating?

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2020

Did you know humans enter hibernation-like states?

No, we don’t go to sleep for weeks at a time, but we do enter pre-hibernation states physiologically.  See, hibernation is a state of low energy use for purposes of survival. In this state, the body conserves energy to run most basic functions in order to keep the organism alive when there are limited resources available or the body perceives it to be that way.

This is chronic stress.

This is where most modern people are living.

We experience it a bit differently...ok, a lot differently, but physiologically, it is a similar state.

See, in hibernation, bears mobilize stored fat to be used for energy, they do this by use of stress hormones, in this state, their cells adapt to lower function states in order to stay alive in the winter conditions.  Some physiological events which characterize this are: 

Low body temperature

Low pulse rate

Mental dullness

Low energy

Sound like anyone you know?

This adaptive state is real, as we sink into it, we find ourselves less resilient, avoiding life because it is too hard to manage, settling for less, getting apathetic, isolating.

These are biological, biochemical responses to a stressed organism.  

Do you see, you aren't lazy, you aren’t low on motivation, you are biochemically unbalanced.  No amount of motivation, or prompting is going to magically get your cells to suddenly abandon their signalling to reset your mind until your cells get what they need.

Funny enough, despite what labs say, everyone in this state ends up functionally Hypothyroid, which adds another whole side of the picture, because no mainstream doc will ever address it.  The consequence of that is a deeper decline in energy, stamina, brain function, sleep and more and more inflammation.

None of this is what you chose, can you see that?  You didn’t choose to be slow, or tired, it resulted from a lack of understanding of what your body needed and the compensations your body naturally does to keep you alive.

You can get out! You can come alive again, you can stop being that pre-diabetic hibernating hypothyroid bear!

By addressing the root and dealing with the biochemistry you will find you again.

You can emerge as that sexy, strong, vibrant, joyful, affectionate master of life you are here to be in all aspects of your life.

You can rediscover you

You can find out you really do have passion and drive and vision

But it has to start at the cell

Please stop believing the narrative that you are lazy, flawed or lack motivation, when your biochemistry clearly demonstrates otherwise.

The ONE thing you have to do now is CHOOSE to wake up and heal.


Dr. Julie and the Thriving Health Team

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