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Yeah, every day I hear the same story from stressed and exhausted women

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2020

Yeah, every day I hear the same story from stressed and exhausted women. "I'm so tired, nothing works anymore and I feel like giving up... I don't know what to do, I've tried everything and I'm sick of feeling like shit..... every... single... freaking... day!!!!!"

Why does it seem when we women hit our 40s and 50s we slam a wall of exhaustion, get fatter and find ourselves ripping out our hair trying to get everything to align to our minds and our health? Why do we keep putting our needs and desires on the back shelf, then try to force a different outcome?

Can I ask, is it because as a women, you turned to force, will and control after giving everything to everyone else? Is it because you always put yourself second, all you had was force, willpower and control just to make do for your "right now" needs?

Do you find yourself saying," I just need to use even more force, will and control to get through this, again?"

The thing is, when we burn through this life force, it doesn't just replenish itself because you wanted it to. You cant "pray" it back to being, you can't "diet" it back into being and you cant "exercise" it back to being.

It doesn't just come back because you willed it with belief. This is the time where we have to learn the skills of being truly deeply nourished. Unfortunately, no one taught us how to preserve this, or even what "it" is.

This is the time where we have to honor the rhythms of our body, slow down and rest. We have to turn from an external exercise of running and jogging and aerobics and high-intensity workouts and turn instead to internal exercises like Tai Chi and Chi gong or some form of yoga.

I find all the time women talk about the lack and longing that comes in the menopause years... when all of the running and pushing of life catches up to them. Then suddenly it's like living in a foreign body in a foreign world combined with so many emotional elements like overwhelm, frustration, high anxiety, depression and anger.

Most of the time we think it is us. We did that, but the thing is emotional experience is part of our organ system. Each of these organ systems has an emotion associated with it and the experience of those emotions is tied to the health and movement of that organ system.

And in Western culture, this predominant pushing model of living is so centered on force, will, domination and control. And so we live a lot of our life unknowingly burning through our life force because there isn't a centered counterbalance.

Check the box. Yup. Check the box because that's what we are told to do. Yet this is exactly the manner we've worn ourselves out...

Healing isn't just another transactional event where you checklist through it.

See, The soulfulness by which we live is the soulfulness by which we lived. We can't do one thing soulfully, while all other things are transactional and still have a complete soulful experience.

But you can begin to be soulfully nourished with food, movement, conversations you have with yourself, and you can come alive in ways that you've never experienced. You have to choose it from a place of hope and possibility.

You have to partner your organs with your emotions, partner your emotions to your food and your food to your organs according to the patterns of "your" particular system.

This is why you need a professional to help you. What you want isn't necessarily what you need. And a true professional knows what this is.... and why.

Are you sick of trying to force your way out of stress and exhaustion? Are you tired of trying to heal your exhausted mind and body with more dieting, more fasting and more exercises which make you feel like a failure again? Are you tired of putting your needs and desires on the back shelf and missing out on living?

Of course you are.

Let's connect and see if we can help you like we've helped so many others.


Dr. Julie and Thriving Health

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