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Beyond Food & Supplements

diet lifeforce supplements Jun 03, 2020

Are you going beyond exhausted?

A few weeks ago after a massive project and tons of family obligations, I found myself beyond exhausted.  As I tried to rest, finding that even laying down felt like it took effort, I reflected on how I used to live in that place.

Where everything made me feel guilty…

My kids wanting to do a museum day and all I could think of was how will I make it through..maybe they have benches

My husband wanting a date night and I couldn’t imagine holding my attention long enough to pretend to take part in a conversation

My friends wanting to meet for coffee and I was wondering if I could bow out easily

So tired that I wanted to cry and yet, not having words to explain to everyone just how tired I was, and feeling like they wouldn’t get it anyway, after all, what did I have to show for just how exhausted I was.

Sure, like everyone, I worked, and shopped, cooked food and did household things, but it's not like I moved boulders for a living or something.  The shame, the guilt and frustration were nearly endless, and at times all but emptied me out.

I remember hoping for clients to cancel because then I didn’t have to pretend to be alert and filled with life

I remember wanting it to snow or ice over so I could have an excuse as to why just sitting around made sense

I remember feeling almost vindicated when I got sick because no one wondered why I needed to go to bed at 7


When I revisited this place the other afternoon, I remembered just how deep the anxiety, the frustration, the hopelessness goes.  I remembered feeling totally without words to explain and how that only deepened the despair because “tired” just wasn’t enough for that place.

Luckily, all I really needed was 3 hours of downtime before I recovered, because I climbed out of that pit years ago, and know exactly how to replenish my cells and organs if I have not been listening to my body and have let things go too far.

But for millions of women, there is no respite

Doctors think fatigue is only:





A syndrome

Or at best a need for tonic herbs, adaptogens and adrenal support.

But it isn’t, it is so much more, this deep emptiness is literally a lack of lifeforce, a disconnect from being refuelled, it is slow death.  Conditions not fixed with supplements or a few better foods.

Healing exhaustion requires getting to the metabolic root and understanding where to put the emphasis, it requires food...sure, but it requires other things not being given to 99% of patients: 

Methods to build the actual lifeforce again (not found in food or pills).

I like many others tried to go the diet and supplement route for years before I understood how empty those methods were on their own, wasting thousands of dollars and so many years where I could have been living and instead I was thinking about the couch and how quickly I could get there.

The women I help learn how to really heal, how to eat, yes, but really how to heal, to restore the lifeforce, to restore joy, and happiness and true vitality and how to sustain it forever.

This could be you too, all it takes is deciding you don’t want to try to find energy in a pill or a superfood diet plan any more.



Dr. Julie and the Thriving Health Team

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