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Myths Of A Healthy Metabolism

Uncategorized May 02, 2019

Do you believe to have a HIGH metabolism you have to WORK hard for your caloric BURN?

Here’s some TRUTH: Just because you are "burning" lots of calories does not mean your metabolism is HIGH. living in a hyper-adrenaline state (stressed state) your body may require lots of calories but this will not equal a high metabolic rate. A healthy/high metabolic rate will burn lots of calories at REST, supporting all body systems.

There is a difference between a stressed metabolism and a healthy metabolism, despite what almost all health professionals and exercise and weight loss gurus will tell you.  Even though they both may utilize a lot of energy.

The high adrenaline/stress/cortisol/high estrogen state usually comes at the expense of depriving energy to many systems of the body.

When this is true for us, sleep is usually poor, and in addition, we have low libido, anxiety, low concentration, cold body, inability to gain muscle, depression, etc.

People living in a hyper-stress state often have the following characteristics: someone who over-exercises (stress), over-thinks (stress), or overworks (stress). A stressed body needs lots of energy to perform its' activities, yet at rest, this body learns to conserve energy, all the while decreasing energy to the systems of the body….think of this as an eventual slowing of our base true cellular energy rate, and our true metabolism, along with our true ability to heal, repair and thrive.

So, although you may be able to technically burn lots of calories during activity, the rest of the day, you are burning less. This adaptation occurs so your body doesn’t consume itself under stress. However, If this chronic stressed state continues for too long, exhaustion, fatigue and disease set in.

A true elevated and strong metabolic state is not driven by exercise, busyness, anxiety, or just "burning calories". It is a state of body vitality which is encompassed by ALL systems of the body getting adequate energy to perform their duties: Healthy libido, deep sleep, warm body, healthy skin, hair and nails, happy mind, lean muscles, creativity, feeling calm, joyful, having balanced hormones, free of pain, great digestion, and an internal glow etc.

A healthy metabolism requires lots of energy to function optimally. Without the need to "burn" calories for the sake of burning calories...

A healthy, healed metabolism can handle stress much better, meaning less chance of illness, fatigue, inflammation, and the consequent slowing of the metabolic rate.

If this sounds like what you want, set up a time with us, and let’s see if NOW is NOW in your healing journey.


Dr. Julie

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