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Uncategorized Dec 11, 2019

What is normal?

We exist in a world with sickness as a normal, knowing someone with a serious chronic disease isn’t rare, knowing family who have been burdened with a serious disease isn’t only common, it has become almost expected.

For women, knowing other women who are tired, who spend their life on a diet or a new exercise regimen, or trying out the latest, greatest, magic supplements are all now normal.

Someone said to me the other day, they know they aren’t in a good place, but they are better than what “normal” is. 

This got me thinking, how many people are comparing themselves to illness as their gauge of wellness?

Think about it, if our “normal” is sickness, then what are we really comparing to?

Of course, just being exhausted seems better than cancer.

Of course just having pain seems better than MS…

But isn’t that how we get to those places?

Comparing our misery with dire situations and using those comparisons to make our misery seem inconsequential?  What do we do with this? From my perspective, this is how we dampen our NEED to change. This is how we create elaborate justifications as to how bad off we really are and how seriously we need to take action.

All because we are comparing ourselves to illness, pre-death states, autoimmune diseases and frankly death itself.

It is not normal for a woman in her 30’s or 40’s or 50's, 60’s or 70’s to be tired.

It is not normal to have 10 signs of low cell function: 


Cold hands/feet/nose/rear end

Sluggish or inflamed digestion





Terrible menopause symptoms

Low libido


It is not normal to isolate yourself because being around people is too much work.

Is it not normal to pull back from things you used to love to do because they feel like they will take too much energy.

It is not normal to diet perpetually

Is it not normal to have to use CBD oil to mitigate pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and more

It is not normal to need Tumeric daily or you will have pain

It is not normal to become increasingly sensitive to foods

It is not normal to not want to be intimate with your sweetie

It is not normal to have headaches, joint pain, muscle fatigue or numbness

None of this is normal

All of it is indications your body is shutting down energy production to try to keep you alive.  A pattern that will result in inflammation, cell ageing, cell death, limited to absent detoxification, low brain function, high lactic acid (which is the exact substance that allows cancer to grow), low Thyroid response at the cell (not the same as having enough production at the gland), high endotoxin in the gut and concomitant elevated serotonin, estrogen, ammonia and lactic acid (again, precursors to cancer).

So, why do we accept this as NORMAL? 

I get it, you feed badly long enough and you become jaded…” well, I’ve done every diet and swallowed every super supplement out there and nothing has changed”

“I’ve asked my doctor a million times and they keep saying I’m normal”

“I had all that bloodwork done at the functional medicine doctor and all they found was some leaky gut and adrenal issues, but I treated those and still feel like crap...maybe it's just me”

I hear this every day, and the honest truth is...medicine isn’t designed to solve this.  It isn’t just your gut, or your adrenals, this is so much bigger. It is your cells, literally, your cells can’t make enough energy to keep up and they are selectively shutting down, moving into low energy states to keep you alive.

It is that simple.

All those adrenal plans can’t work, because they are trying to build up the adrenals while never changing the way your cells operate, so you get adrenal boosting with cells stuck in stress mode and a body that keeps demanding more stress hormones.  Not to mention the clinical fact that until you repair the cell relationship to Thyroid, you cannot recover the Adrenal glands.  

Normal is: 







Easy Digestion




A strong Thyroid response at the cell

Easy hormonal balance

Isn’t it time you finally got to NORMAL?


Dr. Julie and the Thriving Health team 

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