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Why Your Natural Health Plan Keeps Failing And How To Fix It

It’s no secret that your health plan didn’t work out for you. And it’s probably not the first time, either. That’s why you’re here, right? Trying to figure out where you went wrong, slipped up, or lost your mojo. But this one isn’t on you, my love. Your health plan was doomed to fail from the start and here’s why…


What exactly is a health plan? 

This may sound like a really simple question. But there are so many different health plans of them all claiming to be the best and most effective route to vitality and energy and wellness. A health plan is, essentially, a plan of action tailored to your specific health needs. 

Whether your plan includes supplements, holistic healing, Herbs, Chinese Medicine, fitness regimes…it’s all irrelevant. Generic health plans don’t cut it. You are a unique individual. Your body is a beautiful Universe unto itself. Your health plan should take into account all of YOUR past and present experiences and attempts to balance your body and state of health. 


Why do most health plans fail? 

While most of us set out with a health plan that aggressively tackles physical health, we generally don’t consider that emotional or spiritual health needs to be addressed before we can heal our joint pain, or gut health, or migraines, or any other dis-ease. 

The truth is, that you cannot heal only one part of your whole self. 

Your body is your biggest ally. It wants you to be healthy. It wants you to feel energized. It wants to protect you - that’s the whole point of your fight or flight instinct, y’know?! 

So, if your health plan is not addressing your emotional and spiritual health then your body will outwardly display symptoms of the distress you are not fully experiencing, processing and dealing with. 

Unfortunately, most people have never been taught the skills required to fully lean into all that they are experiencing in that moment. Most of us are very good at compartmentalizing emotions and squashing down our feelings and pushing through so that we don’t have to feel the pain or sadness or anger.  

So when we are faced with emotionally challenging situations, our body steps in to protect us. It takes that stress from us and it holds onto it so that we don’t have to feel it. And the only way your body can hold it is physically. 

At this point, it doesn’t matter what your health plan entails. If you don’t have the tools to effectively deal with your emotional health, EVERY health plan you try will eventually fail. 

How Emotional Stress Manifests As Physical Symptoms

You’ve probably noticed that when you’re stressed out your neck muscles get tense. Or maybe when you’re overworking yourself and not giving yourself enough play or rest, then you get migraines or insomnia. That’s your body bearing the burden of emotional pains you haven’t dealt with yet.

Watch this short video to find out exactly how our emotional health impacts our physical health, how it manifests, and how it ultimately prevents any health plan from succeeding.  

How To Create A Health Plan That Works

Dealing with emotional health does NOT mean rehashing every traumatic incident you’ve ever experienced. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s about being able to fully feel your feelings, and then let go of them. No boxes, no squashing. Just beautiful peace. 

Releasing energy and emotional blocks that are preventing you from healing takes four vital steps:

   1. Recognize and accept your body’s invitation to heal

Those symptoms and dis-ease you are experiencing is a smoke signal. It’s time for you to answer your body’s call for help.


  1.   Listen to your body

She knows best, I promise. If you desire play, or rest, or certain foods, it’s because your body knows you need it. Give in to her. 


  1.  Learn the tools to fully and deeply experience your life

Thriving Health has equipped women in all stages of healing to really lean into their body and finally understand how to work in partnership with it so they can create a fully unique health plan that actually works! 


  1.  Create a vibrant community 

Join my free Facebook group to connect with women who are committed to achieving their health goals, reconnecting with their bodies, and experiencing joy and vitality to the fullest extent possible. 

And above all else, remember…

I love you. 


Dr Julie.

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