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You have been trying so hard to heal…

You have been trying so hard to heal….

Trust me, I know!  All those special plans, books, diets, supplements, herbs, meditation, paying attention to your mindset, getting movement...I know you have been working on healing for a long time.

It honestly sucks to have worked so much and have so little to celebrate about the outcomes!  Especially when you see other people saying it was just this “one” shift that did all the work.

I have a secret for you, it was never just one shift.

I have followed so many “gurus” over the years, watching their FB posts, reading their emails, and guess what...not one time was that “one” shift they sell the thing that healed them, and another truth...many of them aren’t really healed at all.

Reality is, there has never been just “one” thing wrong with our system when it presents us with symptoms...and symptoms are the result of maladaptation in body self regulation that has likely gone awry more than 5 years previous to the symptom ever manifesting.  Imagine that...5 years of your body hiding the stress, and the challenge from you before even giving you a way to know there is a problem.  It does this because it has an amazing self healing capacity built in, and it assumes self regulation under the guise that what has created the stress or wear down will eventually end.  The hard part is, our lives are so out of balance in most cases, the wear down doesn’t end, it intensifies.

I see significant wear down now in teens...think on that for a minute...teenagers whose bodies are showing some of the same signs we used to think only appeared in people well over 40, for women in their 20’s and 30’s we are seeing drastic rates of inflammation, infertility, joint issues, migraine, PMS, PMDD...all signs of a body that cannot regulate...in a population that should have no problem maintaining health and vitality.

So, what you are experiencing, I want you to know it is real and it is not simple, it isn’t just one nutrient, or one element of diet, it isn’t just your Thyroid or Adrenals, it isn’t just your gut, or your liver...which is why you haven’t stumbled on to the “cure”, because at this point, the path to resolution is buried under layers of complicated relationships between yoru body systems and that isn’t something you stumble on.

You have been doing an amazing job, I really, sincerely applaud you for continually trying.

I also want you to know that you can heal

Your body has the template of vitality within

Those hormonal systems have it too

As does your gut

As does your liver

What has been missing is ease, and information.  Your system doesn’t remember how to regulate, and hence it doesn’t.  In some cases, it doesn’t even remember what to do with simple nutrients, so it doesn’t use them, in other cases, it can’t remember how to regulate cell membranes, and so it doesn’t.

To heal this, one thing is, we have to build vitality, meaning all cooked foods for the spleen, lots of sunshine for the mitochondria, no blended food to avoid triggering a response in the gut...yes, no smoothies, we have to get rest or repair the elements in the cell and matrix preventing rest, we need to restore the function of the gut as it relates to endotoxin production and to the cell response to hormonal messages, we also have to stop seeing our body as a machine with parts and as a dynamic mini universe with complexity we may never fully understand.  

From this place, we can heal because we have joined with the body in concert to support restoration of informative function instead of just plugging holes with nutrients and super restrictive diets.

You can heal

I will say this again, you can heal!!!!

Is it always easy...no

But it is possible with body partnership and true attention to what is really happening inside your cells, matrix and systems.

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