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Repressed emotions are blocking your Thyroid and causing phlegm

self-healing Feb 22, 2022

Women come to me all the time with a diagnosis of thyroid problems and despite having medications, treatments, hormones, and diets all thrown at them, very few have ever been told that they need to address their repressed emotions. 

Now, that might sound a bit wacky but stick with me…

In Chinese Medicine (if you know me at all, you know I’m a Naturopathic Doctor with a Masters in Classical Chinese Medicine), it’s understood that phlegm is related to the heart and NOT the thyroid like we’re told in western allopathic medicine. 


What is phlegm?

Phlegm is a sticky gooey substance created in the lungs. It’s over-produced by your body as a physical sign which can point to an energetic imbalance in your throat chakra. This is often the result of unfulfilled desire and repressed emotion originating in the root chakra


How can I treat phlegm?

Watch this video to find out exactly what is causing it, why it’s not what you think, how your desires impact it, and how you can heal your energy centers, and your thyroid…



But I don’t have repressed emotions…

Listen, my beautiful divine friend, if you are experiencing phlegm in your throat and have been diagnosed with thyroid problems, I can almost guarantee that you have repressed emotions. 

In truth, there are very few people fortunate enough to not have some sort of emotional trauma caused by repeatedly being told no, that you are not enough, that you cannot be or do or have whatever it is that you desire to be or do or have. And so you stop trying to be or do have those things. You quiet yourself. Limit yourself. 

This squashing of your desire, your essence, prevents you from feeling true happiness and fulfillment and so it creates a ripple effect throughout your body processes which essentially moves your cells into survival mode. 


How to heal the thyroid

The first step in healing the thyroid is to release those pent-up repressed emotions and really listen to what your heart and body desire. 

“Our human journey is to come to this existence and to feel the full experience of this life”

If you can take one step towards healing, it’s to be true to your heart. Throw expectation and conformity to the wind and show yourself some true love and care by simply..being. 

You are worthy of all that you desire. 

If you’ve found this video blog helpful then head over to my Youtube channel where I share more trainings and insight on energetics of healing and cell repair. 

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