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Root Healing - a Guide to Pelvic Health and Sacred Self Care

self-healing Oct 01, 2021

As women, we are conditioned to feel like our pelvic area, our breasts and our body in truth is not really ours. There are areas of our body we just don’t get encouraged to connect with. We shy away from thinking or talking about our vagina, vulva, perineum, uterus, cervix, breasts, and more. Many of us have suffered through trauma or shame related to our feminine body, so it feels better to just pretend it doesn’t exist, to numb out, but that just leads to illness, discontent and disease. Is it any wonder why women struggle on their journey to heal and connect to their body when their root/root chakra has been so cut off?


The journey to healing can be a drawn-out, confusing process. It gets really tricky when we need to heal parts of our body that, for the most part, we ignore. 


In order to heal the root chakra/root of us, we need to reconnect our mind and spirit to our vagina and other feminine parts. You have to get in touch, connect, and develop a relationship with these areas of yourself, to be able to hear them, feel them, and release what may have been stored there.  Even bigger, it is important that you learn how it all connects to the greater aspects of your health and healing. 


Often, the only time we acknowledge their existence is when we are already in pain and need medical care. So many women talk to me about feeling absolutely numb in their pelvis.  For example, I have talked to many women over the years, for whom, the extent of connection they have to their vagina is putting in a tampon, during intimacy, or visiting the OB/GYN.


That’s it. There’s no further depth to that connection!!


And let’s face it when was the last time your doctor or OB/GYN had a conversation with you about the need to build voracity, strength, and connection to your perineum, uterus, or ovaries? When was the last time your doctor talked to you about how this part of your body relates to the energy and health of the rest of your body? Typically, pelvic floor health issues are limited to what doctors can physically see during an examination. As women, it’s vital that we reconnect and heal our relationship with brilliant beautiful bodies, especially the area of the root chakra. 

The Connection Between Root/Root Chakra Healing and the Beautiful Female Body


Our Root/root chakra is located near our perineum, it encompasses many of the parts of a woman’s body we feel disconnected from, especially the vagina. Root chakra healing and pelvic floor health are deeply linked. 


One of the first acupuncture points formed in your body sits at your perineum. This acupuncture point is connected to the chakra centers, the spinal column, and the front-center part of your body. This point relates to blood movement and our hormonal balance. Any laxity or over-tightness causes real problems. Tightness can choke off your life force that is supposed to rise upward to your brain and then come down the center to recirculate and nourish all the organs.  


The uterus is a magical manifestation source. If you’ve been trying to cultivate things in your life or bring them into fruition, the uterus is one of the cornerstone places that needs to be vital and healthy.  Maybe you’ve got a passion or a new project you are struggling to manifest, it could be a reflection of a disconnect between you and your uterus. Connecting to your uterus will ignite your feminine power and help you bring your goals to reality.


You probably have never been told that there are reflex zones along your entire vagina that relate to many other parts of your body. Building voracity and strength in other systems is directly connected to how things work in our vagina. 


Here are just a few more things affected by vaginal health: 


  • Organ systems, including digestion, heart, kidneys, and more
  • Physical energy and spiritual connection
  • Hormonal balance, such as progesterone and estrogen
  • Sense personal power and reclamation of your body

Why Root/Root Chakra Healing Matters


Women who have root health or root chakra issues, often suffer from energy issues, hormonal problems, sleep disorders, incontinence, pain, lack of pleasure, and mental fog that connect to their pelvis. 


The root chakra influences our feelings of safety and security. When we are facing something stressful or experiencing a lot of fear, we tend to brace ourselves for what might happen. Our pelvis tightens to match the emotional energy we’re experiencing. When we are disconnected from our pelvic region, the root chakra becomes unbalanced or blocked. 


When you balance the root chakra and you are deeply connected to your feminine anatomy, a free-flowing ease takes over.  Hormones are balanced and some of the effects of menopause, perimenopause, or difficult cycles are alleviated. Your quintessential feminine power, which is voracious, plays in that ease and flow space.


How to Heal the Root Chakra


Healing the root chakra requires us to rebuild connection to our bodies, build back strength and build energetic circuits. As a result, the hormonal systems come back online, and connect it all to our brain and how we think and feel, and keep it on repeat.  


In order to heal the root chakra and ensure pelvic floor health, women need to:

  • Connect, safely and compassionately to your body by having loving conversations with your beautiful yoni
  • Establish a relationship with your sacred body through self-massage
  • Develop new understanding about your body and how the vagina and pelvic floor and the rest of the body interacts
  • Create space for former trauma to be released 

Invite Your Pelvis on Your Root Chakra Healing Journey


Maybe you’re new on your healing journey, maybe you’ve been on it forever. But, maybe you’re not aware that our sacred female parts often get left behind on our healing journey because we’ve disconnected from them, either from cultural conditioning or trauma. These parts of us are precious and our healing is incomplete without taking care of these beautiful parts of us! 


I have learned this is one part of our body that has to be invited to the journey. 


So, this is your invitation to balance the root chakra and bring the connection to this most sacred part of you along for the journey. To come back to your power as a woman, to come back to your sensation


This is your invitation to come back to sensation and to feel like you get to embody that fullness. It doesn’t belong to someone else. It’s yours, so own it. 

Release Pelvic Tension

As you go about your day, check-in with your mind. Do you feel anxiety or fear? A little stressed? Take a deep breath and let go of the unnecessary fear. 

Check on your body. Do you feel tension in your pelvis? Are your muscles tight around your vagina or vulva?  Let it go. Breathe into your pelvis and let go of the tension. Practice this mindfulness exercise regularly, until it becomes a habit. Another great exercise can be found here. 

Heal the Root Chakra and Return to Your Sacred Space


This is your brilliant, beautiful body. It has unlimited capacity for healing and change. Your body is glorious and has wonderful sensation. Your body needs to be invited back into that sacred space, where we as women cultivate that return of our power, the return of our sacred sensuality and the return of our sacredness. 


We must reconnect to this part of our bodies in order to heal. We need to build energy, release trauma, and clear blocks and stagnation. We need to heal our tissues, regain sensation, and balance hormones. 


Pelvic root chakra healing and becoming powerfully connected to our body, allows us to come into ourselves as the powerful, Goddesses we are. Please join me for Rooted, where we will walk this journey together. I will teach you continual evolution and healing.


This is for You.

You are so beautiful.

You are so wonderful.

You are so powerful.

And it’s time to re-experience the embodiment of that within your body.

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