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Finding the right doctor isn't the answer

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2018

It seems like a lot of people are on the search for the “perfect” Doctor.

Sorry to say, that just isn’t the answer to your health journey.

Truth is, if you have exhaustion, hormonal issues, inflammation, autoimmune issues, weight issues, and pain - you have patterns you will need to manage and deal with the rest of your life.

So, what if you find that perfect person and they retire? Or worse yet...die?

Then What?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to learn to adopt habits that can always work? To access skills that are specific to your system and how you operate?  To know how to recognize what your body does under stress and how to change those patterns no matter what happens?

If you know this - you won’t ever have to search out that “perfect” practitioner ever again!

It is time we cultivated our own knowledge and skill and took responsibility and ownership of our personal healing.  Now, you DO need someone to show you what steps you...

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How good sex leads to better longevity

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2018

Do you know that feeling when your beloved caresses you - and your skin lights up, you get goosebumps, you feel that lovely warm rush and tingling throughout your body and you just want more.

How long has it been since you felt that?

I ask because I talk to women all the time who haven’t felt that in years...that rush of anticipation, those goosebumps, that excitement, that sense of desire - and they miss it.

Sadly, the longer it's been gone, the further away from it we are, the more distant it seems, and the less we relate to it.

You probably know that feeling, where that look of desire from your partner, prompts frustration, sometimes even anger - “Just get away from me”  “Oh No, not now” “I'm busy” “I'm tired.”

That something that used to make you giggle now makes you cringe and even sometimes makes you want to lash out because it feels more like control an obligation.

Some women come to accept this as just part of...

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Stress, Hormones....or all of the above

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2018

A lot of women know they have hormone imbalances. It's not a surprise, they have all the symptoms, they've been to the doctor, and sometimes they've had tests done to prove they have hormone issues. Some proclaim they have flattened cortisol levels, or low testosterone or estrogen, or progesterone levels. And honestly, most of these women attribute it at least partly to stress.

I get it, with Dr. Google and every other source out there, no matter who you are and what you are experiencing, it becomes obvious quickly...hormones are involved and so is stress.

So, it is time to ask - do you just have a hormone imbalance and a stressful life or is there more going on?

Truth be told, the medical world...both alternative and conventional stops at hormone imbalance, and gives lip service to stress, but rarely offers up more than meditate more and maybe do yoga.

Which is of course why so many women get led into doing hormone replacement. Initially, it seems like a logical answer...something...

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”I don't have time for that"

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2018

Do you say: ”I don't have time for that”

Or  “Time is my biggest obstacle”

Do you find yourself saying time is the reason you can’t exercise, or meditate or eat the best foods or even nourish yourself?

I get it, I have 3 kids, I run a practice, I cook all of our food...I really get it.

But, can I ask, is there another life coming to you that I just don’t know about? Is there a second wind of full refueling for your cells and systems waiting for you at retirement?

Because this isn’t just a body, this body is your life, it is your assets, it is your retirement, your savings, your financial net worth as well as your joy, inspiration, love, happiness and the only way you will ever get to experience anything AMAZING ever!

All of that other stuff...yes stuff occupying your time...work, cleaning your house, checking Facebook, watching TV, driving kids to practice….

If they are acting as your deterrent to saving your life, then they are...

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Coffee Shop

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2018

So, I'm standing in line at a coffee shop the other day, overhearing a group of women speaking about their lives.  As I stood there, I was struck by the tone of their conversation.

So much of their conversation centered around what wasn’t working in their lives... how they don't feel well and even how their husbands don't feel well, work troubles, political troubles, worries about almost everything you can think of. In the midst of all this,  there were descriptions of feeling like they perpetually had the flu, and having pain in their jaw, and being worried about future health issues.

Now, I could tell we're in the same age group and they're talking about their meds and how they perpetually feel like they have the flu, and I thought, how wrong are we? How long are we going to do this so wrong before we just get fed and say, that’s it... let's change it.

You know my parents are in their seventies, they’re not on any meds, they don't feel like they have...

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Costs of illness

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2018

These figures are accurate ~ if you sat down and wrote down ALL of your expenses - on your health...

**Dr visits - and getting nowhere

**Lab Fees - and they aren't even checking the right ones (money wasted)

**Random Supplements - making you worse not better!

**Out of pocket fees for "functional or holistic practitioners" that don't know how to even identify what the cells are doing much less talk about addressing it (big mistake!)

**ER visits 

**Meds - the range from pain meds to autoimmune suppressive drugs, anxiety and depression drugs, etc.

**TIME and GAS- to and from Dr's (who don't know what to do with the full spectrum of what you experience...exhaustion, pain, hormonal craziness, Thyroid, Adrenal, gut, brain, and everything in-between- some people are driving hours to and from Dr visits.

Now that is just all straight money expenses - which if you added that up, most of it would be over 8k/year easy!

Here is the REAL COST though - of not getting the help you need.


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Inhabiting Our Bodies

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2018

I think it's time we decided to live in our bodies, like really in our bodies.

Someone said to me the other day they had the realization over the weekend that their weight was in their body and since they live in their body, it was their job to care for their body because it was where they lived. I heard it at first and saw the potential in it, but something just didn’t sit right with the observation.

There's nothing inherently wrong with the statement. I mean it's very true. I live in my body and therefore I need to be conscious of that.

I get it, being conscious of our role living inside our bodies….but thinking of it that way “I live in my body”...the statement evokes a separateness, again delineating this difference between the me in my head and the me that is my body.  In a weird way, it makes me feel as if I have just made a statement about my body being somehow less than “me”.

Does that make sense?

Less me than me...as if the real me...

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Exhaustion Vs Fatigue

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2018

People want to quantify exhaustion as simple fatigue and they are two very different things.

Fatigue is... “If I had a weekend off and I could sleep in for a couple days and watch some movies and nap, I'd be all better.”

Exhaustion is, “that's great... with some sleep, I might feel better on Monday morning, but by Tuesday I'm going to be back in the pit.”

See, the problem is, we're assuming most of the time our exhaustion is fatigue. Now, I get it because truly, if you had to admit “I'm deeply at my core, exhausted, there isn't much left of me and if I continue this way, I'm going to collapse.”

That's a pretty ugly thought.

But this is exactly what's plaguing our healthcare system and it's the exact reason why our rates of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are so high. See, despite having more sources of “information” than ever before, our operating path at this time is really arcane.

At the moment we are a minute by minute...

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Body Wisdom

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2018

What if we lived by a philosophy that our body doesn't actually ever do anything wrong?

Seriously, that even all the negative events that we experience…


Weight gain

Hormonal problems

Even chronic disease

Even cancer

Seriously,  what if we adopted a philosophy that our body doesn't ever do anything wrong?

What if instead, we assumed that our body is always trying to follow the best possible path with the information provided and it does that to a level of excellence we can't even comprehend every single day?

Think about it…

Now I know that that's not the mantra of Modern medicine...after all, it seems to always be looking for what our body is doing wrong...and quite honestly, that is very sad.

Just by philosophy...doesn't that evoke an adversarial relationship that's so unfortunately profound?

Seriously think about how that weaves its way into everything we do every single day.

No wonder we don't like foods that tend to be better for us because if we...

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Band Aids on Bullet Holes

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2018

Would you ever consider putting a bandaid on a bullet hole?
Now, you may be thinking….why would I ever do that?

It sounds so simple, of course not! but if you want to know the truth, this is what 90 percent of the world is doing with regards to healing. Taking a symptom-based approach to long term health and in the process, never getting to the truth, never addressing the root.  

 Let’s take a look at just two of the most hot button topics in healing right now...SIBO and Hypothyroidism.  

SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth syndrome) is the condition of the name right now being ascribed as the cause of a multitude of conditions...and most commonly, docs and health practitioners are touting...if your guts not right neither is your body...fix your SIBO and watch your total health change.

Now, the challenge is, that statement is 100% right...if your gut is sick, you will be too...BUT they're looking at it as a condition whereby your gut balance is...

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