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Changing How We Think About Weight

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2018

I recently read an article about obesity which both made me sad and left me a bit enraged. On one hand, the way our world shames people for their body size is unconscionable and absolutely despicable, but on the other hand, in absence of options other than beat your body into submission, cut up your stomach or take prescription meth, it seems our problem is only getting worse.
Sadly, in response to not knowing where else to look, the emerging prevailing theme is to adopt a position of acceptance and “body positivity” with regard to body size.

Now, many support this movement by citing articles which indicate that body size does not necessarily denote health, and the truth is, they're right, you can be fat or skinny and unhealthy and your body weight doesn't necessarily denote the totality of your health, but the truth is, that the heavier we get, the more stress we put on our structure, something the article tries to not speak about.

In this regard, we have a skeletal...

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Capturing Your Stardust

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2018

Went to an astronomy event last night, kept waking up all night in wonder.

This universe, all it's amazing aspects and here we are so small within its midst.

Yet, here we are.

We have within us that infinite beauty and the same infinite stardust.

What magic.

What would it be to choose to live from that place of wonder?

What if we dedicated the rest of our existance to finding, expressing, and loving who we are and what we are here to be?

What if we saw every part of us as a miracle?

What if our struggles have always been the challenge to rise up?

What if our fatigue us a call to change?
The signal that we stepped out of alignment?

What if our feelings of low motivation are a call to focus...on what is true and DIVINE within our cells rather than what is wrong with us?

What if our hormonal disarray is a call to recapture the balance of being a powerful woman rather than following the paths which have worn us out so badly?

Imagine what it is to live fully in alignment with the...

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Hormones And Relationships

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2018

I was thinking the other day about the study showing that long term use of the birth control pill eliminates a woman’s ability to pick the best biological mate for her based on natural biology...aka pheromones.  If you haven’t read about this, you really should, after all, 10.6 million women per year take the pill...and not all for contraception.

Currently, the pill is prescribed for skin disorders, hormonal balancing, and mood issues just to name a few non-contraceptive related conditions.

So, back to the study, the Birth Control Pill ruins our ability to pick a mate….

Now, I am not sure about you, but I have to ask….shouldn’t we all be a bit concerned about that?

How many marriages are started by people who met while the woman was on the pill?  I know I took it on and off from 15 to 20 or so.

Now, the pill is just one factor, but reading about it's impact raises the next most essential question...

How many relationships are being dictated...

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Weight Loss Versus Metabolic Healing

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2018

Let me ask you, if weight loss is something you're focused on at this point in your life what are looking for?

What is the driving force behind wanting that weight to move?

Is it just a cosmetic thing?

Is it just “I want to put on a pair of jeans and like how they feel?”

Is it wanting the reflection in the mirror to match the you that you feel you are inside your body? Is it wanting to be at ease? Is it wanting to be in flow? Is it wanting to sit in a chair and feel a certain way?

There's no judgment here. Those are all really great reasons many of us have for wanting to lose weight.  But I wonder are you really looking for just weight loss?

See the way that weight loss is marketed to us, we're taught to focus on the image of the outcome, which is great, but we're not given a whole lot of inspiration, instruction, or guidance as to where else we should put our focus, like why did we gain the weight in the first place?

Was it really that we have uncontrollable urges...

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Lessons In Summer Heat

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2018
I don't know where you live, but I live in Michigan, and lately it's been really hot. Sitting outside the other day in 90 plus degree heat, I was struck by the abundance of awesome blessings that come with profound heat.
For one, I was struck by the fact that heat all by itself is a demonstration of abundance, the abundance of hot air, the abundance of water and the humidity all around us, the abundance of life-giving Sun as it beats down. Witnessing it this way, I couldn’t help but marvel in the magnitude of abundance in action…
Contemplating this, I started to notice, how this kind of heat it makes everything slow down…
Bird songs are quieter...
Animals move slower…
Even the bees seem quieter…
It made me start to think about the lessons there, in the heat and how little we give ourselves awareness of the lesson, because now with our air conditioning in our houses, in our cars and all the stores, a hot day just means we keep up...
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Uncategorized Jun 21, 2018

So, I love words...I love to use expansive, expressive, dynamic words because they enliven what we say.  It is amazing what they do...pick the right word and what you said or wrote just takes off.

Honestly...it is one of my huge life joys to play with language. Sadly, I rarely find people who can play like that. My husband’s best friend can...and when we have the chance to get together, we go out of our way to banter, which I love.  

What’s so funny, in the realm of public speaking or writing, I always get told to diminish my use of words because it puts distance between myself and those I am writing to.

Consequently, I find myself writing and then going back and changing it, which is fine, but it always brings to my mind the role of language in our lives and in our healing.

What's so funny is the role words play in what we do or don't do, there's a lot of ways we learn to use words that block us from taking action 

I find this when I'm speaking to women...

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Uncategorized Jun 21, 2018

I attended a music festival this past weekend in the middle of Michigan. It has become the way my family and I mark the beginning of summer. Camping for 4 days at an old civil rights and peaceful action center listening to every genre of music while away from technology and stress completely.  

I marveled this weekend how the experience has changed for me over the past years.  See, completing this weekend involves massive amounts of walking...like 3 to 5 miles at minimum per day, carrying water, hours of standing or sitting in the sun, and late nights.  

We began going years ago, when my body still carried about 50 extra pounds and was generally constantly inflamed, despite eating a 100% organic diet, not consuming sugar, or vegetable oils, or drinking soda or doing countless other things that were opposite my ideal, I would leave that weekend feeling happy but wrecked.

Maybe you know the feeling, doing what you want to anyway, but having to pull yourself through the...

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Doctors Have No Idea How to Manage Exhaustion...

vlog Jun 08, 2018

Hate to be the one to tell you this, but Dr's have no idea how to manage or even understand exhaustion, most hormonal issues and especially inflammation!

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Miracle And Marvel

Uncategorized May 17, 2018

Today is my youngest’s birthday. Every year as my kids pass these milestones, I think back to the miracle of their arrival and marvel.

This milestone is no different, but today, I am struck with a bit more awe as I contemplate his arrival. Eleven years ago, after spending about 20 hours in labor at home...as I was attempting my third home birth, my midwife suggested it was time to go to the hospital, she said his head was coming in sideways and there was just no hope of making progress.

I was honestly devastated, crying and exhausted, we made our way to the hospital, afraid, feeling totally off my path and way out of sorts, I was greeted by doctors and staff that thought I was crazy for having attempted home birth in the first place.  This attitude culminated by a doctor walking out on me after I rejected a dose of Pitocin saying I could sit and wait a few hours until the next doctor on staff could see me.

This went like this for hours until I finally suggested they break...

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Who is Julie? A Look Inside My Story.

vlog May 01, 2018

Who am I and what is my story?
Someone asked me the other day if I was really a doctor, and I thought it was a great question, so, here is my brief about my video. Enjoy!

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