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Routine kills the best efforts

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2019

Routine is a funny thing. Most of us are living life-based, solely on routine, same patterns, same practices over and over and over and over.

We like routine as humans, it lets us actually disconnect our awareness. There's probably at least 99.999% of your day that you can do on autopilot because you do it all the time.

Routine can be being tired, being exhausted, because we are adaptable creatures, we adapt to the process of being so tired to the point of missing inherent life meaning.

There we are, walking through the steps mimicking the motions, but there's absolutely nothing of value behind it.

Routine can be having a brain that's incredibly foggy and having the consequential low mood and anxiety and sense of disconnect and life futility that comes with it.

The funny thing is most people still like their routine more than the idea of change and when we make decisions from the place of routine, which is what most of us are doing, we sadly get more of the same in...

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Are You in the Trap of Transactional Healing

vlog Mar 25, 2019

Are you in the trap of transactional healing?

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Saving you 100K

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2019

The other day someone was recounting to me how they had gone $20,000 in debt for the care their spouse needed because they had pain and inflammation and it hadn't been taken care of and they ended up needing medical intervention that cost $20,000... that's one true story of millions.

I have spoken to people who went more than a $100,000 in debt because of medical bills related to chronic health conditions that honestly had another solution.

Those are all examples of people who waited too long to actually try to solve something because:

It wasn't the right time

They didn't want to invest the money

They weren't ready for change

They had a vacation to save for

They needed new carpet

They might need a new car

They think it would be irresponsible

They didn't believe in themselves

They didn't want to use a credit card

In each case, they waited and the cost was exponential.

Those are just small examples of what happens to people all the time because they wait and...

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That voice in your head is holding you back

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered how much of your external life is being dictated by the voice in your head?

Pay attention to what the words are that this voice likes to say. If they tend to be, this is great, I love this. Wow. How lucky am I? Oh my gosh, I couldn't be more in love with life or if they tend to be, why me? Oh Great. Here we go again. God, I'm so tired. Why can't I get a break? Why it does this keep happening?

Which one's more common to you?

I know for me, especially in the past when it came to needing a break, slowing down, admitting just how worn out I really was, how tired I was of chasing this food, that food, this diet, that diet, this exercise, that exercise, this magic supplement, that magic superfood, and having that perpetual sense of let down that I done that one thing and done it diligently without relief or real change…..those voices were perpetually negative.

I spent years doing that to myself, even as a doctor, because the truth was I was wearing myself...

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Why cutting food won't work

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2019

Do you hope or believe there is one key thing you need to do to experience lasting change in your body/health/energy/life?

Have you been caught up in the thought that it is really just one thing?

Have you bought into the idea that if you could just lower your inflammation levels, your entire health picture would be different?

Or have you bought into the idea that if you could just lower your weight your entire life would change?

If you could just have energy, everything would be different?

If you could just change your job...

If you could just get along with your husband, if your kids could just cause you less stress, if you could just sleep...

Do you have like 10 if I could just statements?

So where's the real obstacle?

If you're worried about inflammation is reducing inflammation enough?
I see lots of people pounding turmeric, pounding coQ10, ingesting vast amounts of these  “anti-inflammatory” substances in the hope that if they could reduce their inflammation,...

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Changing The Way We Think About Weight

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2019

I recently read an article about obesity which both made me sad and left me a bit enraged. On one hand, the way our world shames people for their body size is unconscionable and absolutely despicable, but on the other hand, in absence of options other than beat your body into submission, cut up your stomach or take prescription meth, it seems our problem is only getting worse. Sadly, in response to not knowing where else to look, the emerging prevailing theme is to adopt a position of acceptance and “body positivity” with regards to body size.

Now, many support this movement by citing articles which indicate that body size does not necessarily denote health, and the truth is, they're right, you can be fat or skinny and unhealthy and your body weight doesn't necessarily denote the totality of your health, but the truth is, that the heavier we get, the more stress we put on our structure, something the article tries to not speak about.

In this regard, we have a...

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Getting the Love you Deserve

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2019

I was thinking the other day about the study showing that long term use of the birth control pill eliminates a woman’s ability to pick the best biological mate for her based on natural biology...aka pheromones. 

If you haven’t read about this, you really should, after all, 10.6 million women per year take the pill...and not all for contraception.

Currently, the pill is prescribed for skin disorders, hormonal balancing and mood issues just to name a few non-contraceptive related conditions.
So, back to the study, the Birth Control Pill ruins our ability to pick a mate….
Now, I am not sure about you, but I have to ask…. shouldn’t we all be a bit concerned about that? How many marriages are started by people who met while the woman was on the pill? I know I took it on and off from 15 to 20 or so.
Now, the pill is just one factor, but reading about it's impact raises the next most essential question...
How many relationships are being dictated and...

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Did you fall for it?

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2019

I believe in a different future for you, then you likely believe in.

See, I know secrets about how your body functions that no one's ever offered you the chance to understand. So as a consequence, you have limits in your mind and in your spirit about what you think life looks like after 40 after 50 after 60.

I hear it from women all the time, maybe this is just age, said about symptoms at 45... I hear from women in their late fifties well, maybe I'm expecting too much after all...I'm almost 60.  See, the thing is, I believe that you can be hiking 20 miles a day if you wanted to at 75, 76, 77, or 80, you could be traveling the world at those ages, vibrant and vital and strong. You could have the love of your life right now. You could have a body that is responsive and vivacious in ways you never imagined...right now.

The only limitation is how much you believe in you and your willingness to suspend disbelief, to let go of habitual thoughts you've held onto your entire...

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Wishing Our Life Away

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2019

Someone remarked to me today: “It’s kind of a shame that we wish so much of our life away, we wish for the weekend, we wish for winter to be gone….we only get one life, yet we spend so much time wishing it away.”

Wise words, and they got me thinking about what that means in the various intertwined, yet seemingly separate aspects of our lives. If we reach Monday and spend our week peering over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to that all elusive Friday, then where is our consciousness? 

I don’t ask this in some huge external existential way, I ask from a very practical, present and tangible way. Where is our conscious attention? It is on this future place, far ahead of us. Yet, between Monday and Friday, there are hundreds of interactions, moments to laugh, moments to eat, moments to sleep and have sex and move, but are we there for those moments?

If not, then is it possible to make any momentum towards things we love in that time?...

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Expansive Joy

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2019

Let’s talk about growth. As I was meditating the other day, asking for whatever messages needed to emerge from within me, only two words came back….EXPANSIVE JOY.

Expansive joy, the message came with images, life unfettered, unhindered, finding the grace in the immediate and letting my spirit soar into each of those moments playfully. It made me ponder the role of expansive joy in everything.

I began to think on language...do I say “I have to do” or “I get to do”, do I say “I must” or “I choose to”? Such little differences, but one path pins me down, obligates me and one sets me free, opens up my possibilities. 
That is the amazing thing about expansive joy...it is expansive. We begin with one directive and soon, find ourselves playing in fields of wonder throughout our lives. 

Will life bring sorrow and pain...yes, even sometimes long episodes of that, but does that define us, does that...

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