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Energy Healing Exposed! Is It Really Enough to Achieve Deep, Sustainable Health?


Energy healing has been around for millennia, but it has pretty much exploded in the past few years. Despite the increase in popularity, there's still a lot of confusion and misinformation around it. Energy healing is definitely something you want to add to your health plan. However, it is not enough to achieve the deep and sustainable health improvements many of us are looking for. 

 Energy healing cannot single-handedly cure your thyroid, end fatigue, balance hormones, or take cells out of survival mode. So what can you do to get the most out of this modality? 

What is energy healing?

Let's start with what exactly energy healing is. Energy healing is the practice of activating energy centers throughout the body so you can channel and manipulate the energy flow to clear any stagnation or blockages. 

The frequency at which you are energetically vibrating (and everything is vibrating), and the flow of your energy, play an essential role in increasing the...

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Awaken Your Mind-Body Connection to End Exhaustion and Rediscover Vitality

fatigue lifeforce Apr 30, 2022

I see you, Queen, raising kids and grandkids, building a career, nurturing a home, leading others, always going, and never stopping. 


I see you exhausted but pushing through it. I see you doing all the “right” stuff to stay healthy, denying yourself the “guilty” pleasures, but never quite feeling the benefit of it. Questioning “why am I so exhausted”? But never finding an answer. 


Well, you’re in the right place, divinely guided to this spot, right now, so you can rebuild your mind-body connection and finally end your exhaustion and feel alive again. 

What is the Mind-Body Connection? 


When we were kids, our mind-body connection was an intimate and innate relationship. Our body gave us signals, and we responded to them, no matter how subtle. We trusted, unquestioningly, in our body's ability to let us know what it needed. Likewise, our body knew that we would respond and fulfill her desires.

As kids,...

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The Alchemy of Healing


Healing, for me, is a deep part of WHO I am. It’s in my very core. It’s the reason that I chose a medical specialty with such deep roots: that ingrained purpose and values permeating through it. The alchemy of healing is a magical blend of energy, intention, medicine, commitment, and community. It’s more than just popping a pill and hoping for the best. 


What is lineage and why does it matter?


On the first day of medical school, my teacher started talking about the alchemy of healing, about principles and whole patterns and a tradition of medicine that was rooted in perpetual observation and connection to the root. It blew my mind


The traditions and history of Chinese Medicine were astounding to me. With that history came a lineage that you as a learner were initiated into. Who you learned from and who they learned from has always been important in traditional societies, where people ask what your lineage is. 



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Repressed emotions are blocking your Thyroid and causing phlegm

self-healing Feb 22, 2022

Women come to me all the time with a diagnosis of thyroid problems and despite having medications, treatments, hormones, and diets all thrown at them, very few have ever been told that they need to address their repressed emotions. 

Now, that might sound a bit wacky but stick with me…

In Chinese Medicine (if you know me at all, you know I’m a Naturopathic Doctor with a Masters in Classical Chinese Medicine), it’s understood that phlegm is related to the heart and NOT the thyroid like we’re told in western allopathic medicine. 


What is phlegm?

Phlegm is a sticky gooey substance created in the lungs. It’s over-produced by your body as a physical sign which can point to an energetic imbalance in your throat chakra. This is often the result of unfulfilled desire and repressed emotion originating in the root chakra


How can I treat phlegm?

Watch this video to find out exactly what is causing it, why it’s not what you...

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Rigidity And Perfectionism Are Making You Sick

health plan lifeforce Jan 28, 2022

Rigidity and perfectionism are preventing you from healing.  It's time to let go of your need for perfectionism and move forward in small and clumsy but flexible steps.

 I've seen so many women stuck in a place of dis-ease because they were inflexible in their beliefs or approach to healing.

Heck, I've been there myself, too.

You may not even recognize it but that need to do it perfectly or not at all, that fear of failure or getting it wrong, the refusal to invest in a course or program because you might not show up.the pressure to perform… these are all forms of rigidity. It's an inflexible approach

Most people think of rigidity as a mindset of hard-headedness. A refusal to budge on things. This can also be applied to our mind-body connection. I’ve spoken many times on how our body sends us physical signals that our emotions are out of whack or completely ignored. 

Perfectionism, rigidity, control…it puts the same amount of stress on your...

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Why Your Natural Health Plan Keeps Failing And How To Fix It

It’s no secret that your health plan didn’t work out for you. And it’s probably not the first time, either. That’s why you’re here, right? Trying to figure out where you went wrong, slipped up, or lost your mojo. But this one isn’t on you, my love. Your health plan was doomed to fail from the start and here’s why…


What exactly is a health plan? 

This may sound like a really simple question. But there are so many different health plans of them all claiming to be the best and most effective route to vitality and energy and wellness. A health plan is, essentially, a plan of action tailored to your specific health needs. 

Whether your plan includes supplements, holistic healing, Herbs, Chinese Medicine, fitness regimes…it’s all irrelevant. Generic health plans don’t cut it. You are a unique individual. Your body is a beautiful Universe unto itself. Your health plan should take into account all of YOUR...

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Root Healing - a Guide to Pelvic Health and Sacred Self Care

self-healing Oct 01, 2021

As women, we are conditioned to feel like our pelvic area, our breasts and our body in truth is not really ours. There are areas of our body we just don’t get encouraged to connect with. We shy away from thinking or talking about our vagina, vulva, perineum, uterus, cervix, breasts, and more. Many of us have suffered through trauma or shame related to our feminine body, so it feels better to just pretend it doesn’t exist, to numb out, but that just leads to illness, discontent and disease. Is it any wonder why women struggle on their journey to heal and connect to their body when their root/root chakra has been so cut off?


The journey to healing can be a drawn-out, confusing process. It gets really tricky when we need to heal parts of our body that, for the most part, we ignore. 


In order to heal the root chakra/root of us, we need to reconnect our mind and spirit to our vagina and other feminine parts. You have to get in touch, connect, and develop a...

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Is Adrenal Fatigue Real? How to recognize and treat your exhaustion


 Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome is at the center of medical debate. The central question surrounding it being “Is Adrenal Fatigue real”? It certainly feels real to anyone experiencing it, but if your Allopathic practitioner isn’t convinced, then how can you begin to reverse it? 


As a Naturopathic Doctor, looking past your exhaustion and deeper into the root causes, here’s my take on whether Adrenal Fatigue is real and what you can do about it without blindly spending thousands of dollars on potentially unhelpful practices. 


What is adrenal fatigue syndrome?

The condition’s idea is that constant stress puts an undue burden on the adrenal glands to produce hormones — primarily cortisol — and the glands burn out. 

The lack of adrenal hormones leads to a host of symptoms. 


Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

No two people are the same. Adrenal fatigue can present differently in everyone....

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Is That Half Dome

lifeforce mindset Aug 30, 2021

“Is that half dome?”

I remember saying that no less than 50 times as our car wandered the roads of yosemite park when I was 12.  Every mountain face, every rock outcrop, I would ask, “is that half dome”

Of all the attractions, that one had this name, and had been described as so memorable, so powerful, I assumed it was the whole reason for the trip.

So as we wound through near impossible beauty, the tall trees, the towering mountains, the random waterfalls cascading down the sides of canyons...I just kept asking “is that half dome”

Then we got there and to be honest, it was a huge rock cleaved in half...the first impression was “oh, ok, so, that’s it?????”

I think of that moment and laugh, because those words are the biggest thing I remember about that family vacation, well, that and the neon pink knee high socks I wore in most of the photos…

But, I wonder now, as I ponder how many times I have missed the journey for...

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Which Mineral Do I Need?

lifeforce Aug 23, 2021

I got a message from a woman the other day saying I have anxiety,  depression, and other things going on in my body, but can you tell me why would my eye Twitch for the last four months? Is it a particular nutrient I need, a particular mineral?

Questions like these just make my heart hurt because the reality is that reductionist line of thinking keeps us so stuck.  

This drug model says, Oh, we just need to give this one drug for that symptom. 

But the model that recognizes the divinity, the complexity, the magic of your body says, this is just one of many experiences that your body is generating in order to get you to pay attention. 

We have to ask: 

What's really going on here?

What's happening in your body? 

Why is this your experience? 

How does that link to your emotions?

How does that link to the wholeness of self? 

This model of reductionism keeps us locked in these little boxes, and I'm not just talking with your health. I will...

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