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Most Thyroid Plans Kill The Thyroid

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

Your thyroid treatment plan might actually be wrecking your thyroid.
There's a lot of nuance to thyroid regulation.  But so much of the time because of medicine's reductionist methods, Thyroid is largely considered only as to if hormones are being made or not.
That is the totality of the discussion. So as a result, a lot of docs will prescribe levothyroxine or Synthroid, maybe armor, but that's never going to be enough and in most people it's ineffective at best.

You need to understand that TSH (the most tested Thyroid value) is just a measure of if the pituitary is being signaled.  But, that's only one small piece.
After that, The gland has to produce thyroid hormone that has to be able to leave the gland, The inactive T4 which has been produced then has to be converted to the active form, T3. The active form has to be able to reach the cell, The cell then has to be able to enact its message
But, doctors rarely care about the steps beyond production and conversion.
In many...

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Trying to increase energy by doing more

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2019

Are you trying to increase your energy by doing more? Check out this recent video on why that is not the answer!



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Are You Sabotaging your life?

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2019

There's a quote by Candace Pert, author of Molecules of emotion that says 
“Body and mind are one, the body is the actual outward manifestation in a physical space of the mind”.

Really powerful words, especially when we start to contemplate how that relates to us.

If I am exhausted, if I'm tired, if I'm carrying extra weight, if I have headaches, digestive problems, low libido, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, autoimmune issues, heart disease, arterial plaque, diabetes, we've been taught to contemplate those as isolated events associated with one organ, one system.

Which is why we rabidly dive into dietary plans, be they autoimmune or super restrictive for weight loss. We dive into supplements...this one has been said to lower Leptin levels, this one adjusts blood sugar, this one is a master life-altering antioxidant.

Or we dive into visualization….visualizing ourselves healed….but we never change the patterns to allow it to be so.

Rarely do...

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So much of the time we believe our body must change to meet our ideals...

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2019

So much of the time we believe our body must change to meet our ideals. 

I'm here to tell you an uncomfortable truth, it’s not your body that must change, it's you. Your body is tired, it hurts and it doesn’t know what to do anymore. 

For our entire lives, all we've gotten were messages of how it should look, feel and be by someone else's standards. This whole world thinks the means to healing is control, subduing, making, forcing... shoving harder, and cutting out more of what keeps us happy, alive and present.

We live our lives by this really odd paradigm where we push, push and push, never realizing this is why we see so many sick and exhausted people over the age of 40. It's not because they did it wrong, it's because they did it just like you.... believing the media, trying the newest fads and trusting those who gain the most from our sicknesses.

We are told we just need to reign in the weight and this will all work out. When in reality, the act...

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You can't be Exhausted and Healthy

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2019

You can be skinny and healthy. You can be curvy and healthy, but you can't be Exhausted and Healthy. This is something so sorely missed throughout the "ENTIRE" health world!

Our cells are slowly succumbing to the chronic effects of stress as people fret about the shape inside the mirror or the oversize of the pants, but is anyone really bothering to address the real issues here?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, lots of "professionals" will "try" to address the adrenal issues, by saying, "your thyroid is tired." And then proceed to the long, tedious, expensive "guesswork" plan by slathering on nutrients and anti-inflammatory diets while putting you on painful and boring restrictive eating plans, none of which are going to address the fact that your cells are slowly shutting down and turning you into a tired, dried up, old husk.

I can tell you unequivocally that I've never met a woman over 40 who isn't suffering from the physical effects of chronic stress. Chronic stress isn't something that...

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Let's meet God halfway

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2019

Let's meet God halfway. Let's stop fighting biological impulses and start understanding what the divine is trying to say inside of our cells!

Let's abandon the idea that these amazing structures we live in are stupid and inherently flawed, which is the premise of so much of medicine, stop trying to suppress any reactions and start trying to understand the why, what and how.

Think of it this way:
Our biology is not separate from the force that makes the universe, our biology is not separate from our food, thoughts, emotions or spirit.
So instead of trying to coerce by using restrictive methods, restrictive diets, and restrictive means to strong-arm and push our bodies to do something that we believe is the next step. 

Why don't we start asking what our body needs?

Why don't we partner with our cells? Why don't we say, I'm here to collude with you, to be in cohabitation with you, to form a community with you. What if instead of seeing our cells as separate, we...

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Quick fixes always fail

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2019

It seems like the quick fix model has its hooks in so many people, and yet, few if anything offered in the world of hormonal balance, energy or metabolic repair has legs.

Here are 3 VERY important things that you must-do if you want to heal your metabolism and find REAL health and happiness...

1. Unlearn everything you currently believe about what is "healthy".  Most people fail to heal because of their old belief patterns. Usually, these exist because, at one point, they gave you quick, yet not lasting results, and have in fact been part of the long term damage to your system, but, because you hold onto the memory of temporary change, you think...well maybe….

A few Example are:

-I need to do lots of cardio to stay lean

-I need to eat less and less to stay thin and healthy

-I need to avoid salt, saturated fat and sugar

-I shouldn't eat 3 hours before bed

-If I do not work out every day, I am a total loser

-Sugar makes me fat, diabetic and feeds cancer

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Is it all your gut?

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2019

I saw a Facebook post from someone the other day that said that they were a gut specialist. 

They weren't a doc, so it wasn't an MD or a DO or an ND, now, my first thought was you can't possibly be a gut specialist because already by name it assumes you've just taken the gut out of the body, which is impossible.  The label says, the gut is the one thing you're looking at and that means by default you have no idea the relationship of the gut to the rest of the system. I say this because you can't ever just heal one thing. 

I've never met a person who just had a gut problem, not even one time, never met a person who just had a hormonal problem, or just a cardiovascular problem. 

The reality is, your body is one beautiful divine connected structure. The minute that we isolate is the minute that we actually set a ceiling on what our healing can be. 

The most unfortunate thing is everybody wants to be an expert in something and few people are willing to study...

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Here's what not to eat....

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2019

When I peruse Facebook, I swear what ends up happening to me is that I am filled with the thought that most people in the health industry honestly think that God fu*@ed up. 

They're promoting these plans and programs that are all about, eliminating so much food from our lives under this whole premise that that food is bad, carbs are bad, fats are bad, protein is bad...so much bad.

When did we become so arrogant that we assumed that things from the natural world were actually bad, wrong, and not meant for human consumption? 

All of this, in spite of the fact that there are still indigenous cultures on this planet, consuming many of those so so-called "bad" foods that they're saying are going to kill you. 

Let's take corn. Corn is a sacred food to the tribes of the southwest US,  it literally is used in ceremony, it is a main food staple in a multitude of ways, and yet many with health issues are told to avoid it.

Could it be that it isn't the corn? Or...

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How good sex leads to better longevity

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2019

Do you know that feeling when your beloved caresses you - and your skin lights up, you get goosebumps, you feel that lovely warm rush and tingling throughout your body and you just want more.

How long has it been since you felt that?

I ask because I talk to women all the time who haven’t felt that in years...that rush of anticipation, those goosebumps, that excitement, that sense of desire - and they miss it. Sadly, the longer it's been gone, the further away from it we are, the more distant it seems and the less we relate to it.

You probably know that feeling, where that look of desire from your partner, prompts frustration, sometimes even anger - “just get away from me”  “Oh No, not now” “I'm busy” “I'm tired.” That something that used to make you giggle now makes you cringe and even sometimes makes you want to lash out because it feels more like control an obligation.

Some women come to accept this as just part...

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