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Is Your Light Dimming

lifeforce mindset Mar 29, 2021

Do you wonder why you don't feel well?

Do you think...well, my friends don’t feel well either...so...maybe this is life after 40? 

Do you figure it's just life, or stress or aging?


Doesn’t this strike you as odd?  That not feeling well is so common we just accept it as the way life goes?  Don’t you ever wonder why?


We as a collective have diminished our expectations of life so much that we figure as women that by the time we reach 40, oor 50 or 60, that not feeling alive is just part of the pattern...we assume not well is ok, as long as Dr’s say they can’t find cancer, as long as we can pretty much show up in life, and pretend normal, as long as we can still fake it, still make dinner, still push through.


When did we agree to such a small version of our life that we assume such a small normal?


It strikes me as funny and quite honestly terribly sad that we honestly wait for illness to assume action...that we...

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Expect To Go Out Of Your Way

Expect to go out of your way

Expect to leave the path you have known

Expect it to be hard at times

Expect it to change you

Expect it to make you wonder if it is worth it

Expect to be a bit uncomfortable 

These are descriptions of any journey worth taking, of every challenge that was worthy of changing you of every true transformation.

Healing is no different 

In fact, I could argue even more so because healing when true, is every part of you shifted, strengthened, grown, nourished and changed in some small or huge way 

I have news for you...a diet isn't healing 

Supplements aren't healing

Exercise isn't healing


I suppose you wonder, how can she say that, how can she say that what I put in my body isn't healing?


Because food crafted in absence of conscience, of grace to your system and without intent to collude with the Life Force which cultivates you is just matter and particles...some of which are good and some of which are bad.


See, Healing...

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Is FEAR ruining your life?

lifeforce mindset Mar 15, 2021

Don't let FEAR stop you from claiming your DIVINE, AWESOME, GODDESS VITALITY!

But, why are so many people so stuck?  FEAR

Yes- you read correctly!

Every day, I hear examples of FEAR holding people back: 

" I can't find anyone to look deeper than symptoms”

" I have tried everything I can think of....."

" I have too many problems...."

" I need to wait until.....(house sells, kid graduates, new water heater, pay off other medical bills....)

" I'm afraid…."

" I think I might be too tired to do this"

" I'm afraid I won’t be here in 10 more years"

" I'm afraid I will just not be able to keep up”

" I'm afraid my husband is going to leave me”  (due to lack of connection, fatigue and low libido)

" I'm afraid I am going to get cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia"

Isn’t it amazing all the ways FEAR shows up?

When you think about it, in our states of deep exhaustion, most of the time, unless we choose with...

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What the uber successful already know

lifeforce mindset Mar 08, 2021

Are you defined by how busy you are?

Do you think to yourself every day, man, I'm badass, look at what I did today.

I went to work, I took care of projects, I got my kid's lunch and school stuff ready, I helped them with their homework, I made dinner, I even managed to vacuum the floors, on top of that, I responded to three personal texts and 5 emails and I worked out.

Is your entire identity wrapped up in all the things that you were able to do?

So, can I ask, how many of those were activities of meaning?

How many of those were means to express your soul's call in this life?  Or things you can confidently proclaim done to feed your deep purpose?

How many of them were part of this conglomeration of activities and ideas that we've all agreed to based on societal constructs of what it means to be a productive, successful woman?

Statistically American women are more exhausted than any other women on the planet.

Why are we so exhausted?

Because we've linked our identity and value...

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Think you can solve this on your own?

lifeforce self-healing Mar 01, 2021

Do you ever think of your health and energy situation and think “I can do this on my own”

Now, I’ve been there, I get it, I love to figure things out, I love to research.

But, sometimes, we need help, and sometimes, the things we are trying to solve are too precious to play with...like our LIVES, like our FUTURE, like our LONGEVITY.

In fact, I gander that the people in our lives, our kids, parents, spouses, friends, and our furry friends would rather we dug in with an expert than danced around in the dark hoping to “figure it out on our own” or “learn to live with it”.

Can I ask, if this were cancer, would you try to figure it out on your own?


Now, if you are thinking, but this is exhaustion, this is inflammation, this is Thyroid, this is Adrenal issues, this is not serious like cancer.

But it is, and let me tell you why:

Exhaustion is cell aging and wear down, which if left unaddressed leads to cell confusion and dysfunction, which if...

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Stress, Hormones or All of the Above?

mindset Feb 22, 2021

A lot of  women know they have hormone imbalances. It's not a surprise, they have all the symptoms, they've been to the doctor, and sometimes they've had tests done to prove they have hormone issues.  Some proclaim they have flattened cortisol levels, or low testosterone or estrogen, or progesterone levels.  And honestly, most of these women attribute it at least partly to stress.

I get it, with Dr. Google and every other source out there, no matter who you are and what you are experiencing, it becomes obvious quickly...hormones are involved and so is stress.

So, it is time to ask - do you just have a hormone imbalance and a stressful life or is there more going on?

Truth be told, the medical world...both alternative and conventional stops at hormone imbalance, and gives lip service to stress, but rarely offers up more than meditate more and maybe do yoga. 

Which is of course why so many women get led into doing hormone replacement.  Initially, it seems like...

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Is Your Body Asking for Help?

self-healing Feb 15, 2021

Being Tired, being inflamed, being depressed, or anxious, I have news for you, these are signs of a body asking for help.

But, not the just give me more supplements kind of help, and in many cases, not even the give me more sleep kind of help, these are signs of a body who has forgotten how to manage life.  What this means is, the larger picture of information, which guides nutrients to their targets, which directs hormones across vast expanse to the cell and which tells the nerves when to fire, the organs when to do their thing, this information aspect of you has gone awry.

Now, this happens over time, it isn’t something you did to you necessarily, this is accumulation of stress which can include working long hours, not taking breaks, not having the right nutrients, but also includes EMF frequencies, not having joy, not having replenished the blood after childbirth, not having been shown how to feel what you feel and more, it also includes never having been given the...

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How Good Sex Leads To Better Longevity

lifeforce Feb 08, 2021

Do you know that feeling when your beloved caresses you - and your skin lights up, you get goose bumps, you feel that lovely warm rush and tingling throughout your body and you just want more. 

How long has it been since you felt that? 

I ask because I talk to women all the time who haven’t felt that in years...that rush of anticipation, those goosebumps, that excitement, that sense of desire - and they miss it.

Sadly, the longer it's been gone, the further away from it we are, the more distant it seems and the less we relate to it.

You probably know that feeling, where that look of desire from your partner, prompts frustration, sometimes even anger - “just get away from me”  “Oh No, not now”  “I'm busy”  “I'm tired.”

That something that used to make you giggle now makes you cringe and even sometimes makes you want to lash out because it feels more like control an obligation.

Some women come to accept...

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Have You Had Your Hormones Checked?

self-healing Feb 01, 2021

Have you had your hormones checked?

I see women ask other women this all the time, and sadly, it is not the ideal question.

See, hormonal systems are extremely complex, and to have a hormone says nothing about the ability of a body to use a hormone, which is really the issue.  But, well meaning doctors have glomed onto this idea that if the levels are off and you supplement with the indicated hormone, you will create health in a woman affected by all the usual symptoms of a particular hormonal disturbance.  

Sadly, this is false.

See, there are thousands of complex reactions that have to take place for the true impact of our endogenous hormones to have an effect in the body, to add to this, the terrain has to be able to support hormonal balance and communication and the cells have to be able to respond.  The old model, which sadly is actually the current model for most docs (natural and conventional) is that there are receptors and hormones that interact with...

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The ONE Step To Heal...Not What You Think

diet mindset Jan 25, 2021

We want our problems to be one thing, one little tweak, one supplement, one food change, but I would like to give you a dose of reality, in my 20 years in clinical practice, NEVER has it been one thing.


That one thing model negates our deep DIVINE nature as a human, as a biological miracle, it is the mantra of the medical world which has duped us into believing we need one pill for that one problem.  Transferring that one pill model into a one food, one supplement, one herb, one glandular doesn't make it better, it is quite sadly, the same.

There are no just hormonal problems, or just gut or just thyroid, or just adrenal, or just metabolism...it is all of you, every single time.

Chasing that idea of one thing…

If I eliminate gluten, I bet it will all be ok

If I take the perfect probiotic

If I meditate daily

If I really get in my 10000 steps

If I just solve my Thyroid issue, or if I could just get someone to prescribe me thyroid medication

It won’t work....

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