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The BS story I used to believe

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2019

One of the complete bullshit stories that I used to tell myself when I was a practicing physician while exhausted and not sleeping was "I just need a break".

Now, despite my gut being inflamed and always bloated, my joints hurting, headaches, horrible periods, chronic skin conditions, feeling perpetually stressed, anxious and angry…even with all I knew, I still thought….I probably just needed a good long weekend. 

I would sit and think: If I could just have a true break, if I could just take a week off or two weeks off, or on a particularly bad day….I bet if I could just take a month off or I bet if I could just organize my schedule better, I would feel better. 

Now the reason why I say it's a complete bullshit story is that if one of my children had been feeling tired, achy, headachy, their joints hurt, their gut was inflamed, they weren't sleeping, their energy sucked, their mind was foggy. I would have moved heaven and earth to take care of...

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You can't rush healing

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2019

No matter how much we want to, we cannot rush healing. We cannot make it happen in a timeline that we establish and the simple reason for that is healing is an elemental relationship of the body taking on a self-directed restoration course. 

The fact is, most of us have been ignorant and unaware of what has actually happened in our bodies over the last 20 or 30 years. Because of that, because we didn't have our awareness in those moments when we were collecting toxicity, when we were storing emotions, when we were storing chemical toxins, we don't really recognize how big our healing is.

Because of our modern world, we think it should happen overnight, it should be quick. "I just need to change this or change that."

The fact is, healing is actually the quintessential experience of reunification on every level of our being, and that cannot be rushed. 

Real healing is not just a physical experience, it's a mental, emotional and spiritual experience that is linked to...

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How long does it take to heal?

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2019

How long does it take to heal?

I know people ask that question all the time and the thing is it's not really the question we should be asking because that in truth is a question with too many variables to answer accurately.

The reality is, what we desire to heal is the accumulation in most cases of 20,30, 40, or 50 years of buildup in our bodies build upon a biological, physical level, but also on a mental, emotional level. It's, all the programming we've accumulated in addition to no one ever teaches us how to actually feed ourselves, no one ever actually teaching us what makes our biology happy, no one ever teaches us how to be one.

So the bigger question to ask is what does healing really mean to you?
I suppose it comes down to, do you want to know what it feels like to be you at the most brilliant, amazing, best you can possibly be in any circumstance or do you just want to look better in a mirror and feel okay?

For right now I think we as humans have unfortunately...

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What is Stress anyway?

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2019

One of the biggest modern-day challenges is that we have become so deeply separated from what's actually happening inside of our bodies.

We have been lulled into a false sense of knowing and we've set parameters that make no sense and the biggest place where we become disconnected is with regards to the impact of stress on our physiology.

There's a couple of things that people believe that simply aren't true and number one is they think if they can rest, if they can take some time off work, that it will stop the stress response.

Number two is that if they do energy work or acupuncture or get chiropractic adjustments, it will be enough to stop the stress response and that simply is not true either. (Mind you, I am an acupuncturist).
The next thing that they believe is if they just get more movement, it will stop the effect of stress in their cells and that's not true and actually makes it worse.

People often believe if they can just cut out the sugar reign in their diet, it...

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What is metabolism anyway

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2019

A strong metabolism is not actually what you think it is. Unfortunately, most people hear the word metabolism and think it is about how effectively I'm burning calories, but that really isn't what metabolism is.

Metabolism is the function of your cells.

Can your cells use what you're giving them and actually make energy and make heat and send messages? Can they move minerals and nutrients around? Can they send messages? Can they repair damage? Can they detoxify?

The reality is, your weight has nothing to do with your metabolism because weight is an entirely other factor.

Why we gain weight doesn't necessarily equate to whether we have functional cells are dysfunctional cells.

This is a conversation I have with women all the time because I have women that I work with who do carry extra weight and women that I work with who don't carry extra weight.

One of them asked me the other day, well if I have such slow functioning cells then why aren't I huge?

It was such a great...

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Watch out for these trends

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2019

Ultimately, most people fail when they do programs and processes to heal fatigue, burnout, and exhaustion because the current model for this problem doesn't understand the cellular reality.

Let's explore some common methods:

One of the most popular is fasting. It's become very popular to cite studies showing that fasting rejuvenates the body.  Many will say it recovers cell energy, but here's the problem with that.

Eliminating or limiting food in an exhausted body will cause your cells to drop into an even lower energy state as they try to survive.  Cortisol is the main hormone used to do this, from a cortisol state, our cells become less responsive to insulin, our metabolism of essential nutrients slows down and we begin to age.  From this place, your body isn't dedicating any energy to repair because it lacks the capacity to do so.

Now in some limited cases, fasting can be a beautiful tool and there are two situations where it works very well.

Number one...

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Metabolic Power IS NOT Exercise driven

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2019

Do you rely on exercise to keep your metabolism going?

Exercise is a fantastic tool for strength and for connecting with our body, for getting outside and clearing our minds.

But if we're reliant on exercise in order for our metabolism to work, we're setting ourselves up for failure.

I talk to women all the time who say, if I could just run again, I would lose these 15 pounds. If I could just get back to my high-intensity workouts, everything would be fine. But because of injury or illness or no time in their life, they've lost connection to those workouts, as a result, their body starts to show them signs.

Now they took these signs to mean their metabolism tanked after they stopped exercising, but what if there's another reality?

Our beliefs establish huge patterns in our body and our body has an innate template for perfection in action, but over time and through life, we develop beliefs that external forces are the reason we will like or not like what we like in the...

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If I had a time machine

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2019

If 15 years ago me could be given what I know now, the things that I could have avoided experiencing would be so profound.

I had signs of Lupus, and Hashimoto's, incredible fatigue, which limited my cognitive ability and my ability to grow. So, even if I could function remarkably well day to day, I wasn't growing!  I had low libido, had been to the ER numerous times with terrible migraines, PMS, cramping, extremely heavy cycles, was cranky, angry, and snappish at my kids, lacked empathy for my husband, couldn't set boundaries and really ask for what I needed and was basing my success as a woman on how many things I could muscle my way through in a day while feeling victimized by the process.

These were all things that I was “living” with in my 30's. The list is awful when actually written out, but externally, I was calm, put together, I worked, cooked, and contributed to the world.

It was all cloaked under a veneer of doing because it didn't feel like it was...

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Do you trust your body?

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2019

One of the things that has to happen in sustainable healing, is the healing has to do more than change symptoms.

We have to get into a state of absolute relationship with our body to the point where we can honestly truly say, “I 100% trust my body, I no longer feel like I need to control it.”

To get here, we must arrive at a place where we no longer control food, we no longer force our body to behave with exercise, we no longer swallow supplements out of panic, fear or propaganda.

We have to be to look at us in the mirror, and say: “I can honestly say, I love you so much and I trust you empirically.”

The thing is, we have this beautiful divine template, we were all born with a set of instructions encoded deep within our cells which speaks forward the absolute perfect presentation of who we are.

It is only us that gets in the way of that.

Along the way in response to insults, injuries, emotional traumas, and physical traumas, we develop a...

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Are you ready to lose weight?

Uncategorized May 30, 2019

People always want to know...how fast can I get this weight off?

But the real question is….

Are you healthy enough to lose fat?  Have you strengthened your awareness and body systems to the point where the release of all that stored energy and emotion is something your body knows it is safe to do?

Is the body consistently warm, including hands, feet and nose?  Waking temps around 97.8 F. degrees and midday around 98.6 F. (37 C) plus?  Is food making you warmer NOT cooler?

Are you sleeping through the night?

Good energy all day?

Consistent bowel movements?  1-3 a day.

Do you have a desire for sex?

Can you think clearly throughout the day?

Lack of PMS symptoms and a regular menstrual cycle?

Lack of severe menopausal symptoms?

Ability to regulate blood sugar throughout the day?

Can you handle stress well?  Are you happy? A low-stress threshold and unhappiness are unsupportive to healthy fat loss.

Are you able to workout without a drop in temp and pulse?


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