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But I Eat So Well

diet mindset Dec 21, 2020

Do you use eating well as a way to avoid giving your body the attention it deserves?

I used to base my “health esteem” on my “Good” eating patterns, on my diligence to choosing the cleanest foods, the pastured meats, the freshest and most accessible local foods.

I know that doesn’t sound like a bad thing, but I was using my logical brain to cajole my emotions and my body experience into being right even when there were issues.

I hear this all the time….BUT I EAT SO WELL

A call from the logical brain to say...we did a good job, why won’t everything in our body just act like we did?

Funny enough, our body doesn’t function by the rules of the mind, and the logic we have built up so well into our fortified walls of internal justification just don’t work in the flow and movement of our internal systems.

In fact, logic fails to account for the way our body really works. Let's take salad, I hear about 10 times per week women...

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Are You Sabotaging Your Life?

mindset self-healing Dec 16, 2020

There's a quote by Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion, that says 


“Body and mind are one, the body is the actual outward manifestation in a physical space of the mind”


Really powerful words, especially when we start to contemplate how that relates to us. 


If I am exhausted, if I'm tired, if I'm carrying extra weight, if I have headaches, digestive problems, low libido, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, autoimmune issues, heart disease, arterial plaque, diabetes, we've been taught to contemplate those as isolated events associated with one organ, one system.


Which is why we rabidly dive in to dietary plans, be they autoimmune or super restrictive for weight loss. We dive in to supplements...this one has been said to lower Leptin levels, this one adjusts blood sugar, this one is a master life altering antioxidant.


Or we dive into visualization….visualizing ourselves healed….but we never change the...

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How much time is spent monitoring your body?

lifeforce Dec 04, 2020


Will I have energy for that?

Can I eat that now or will it make me feel terrible?

Will I be up for that walk or hike

Will my pain get in the way

Will I sleep tonight?

Can I tell my friends I will be there for sure?


Reading blogs and books on supplements and what mitochondria do and on how to take care of your liver, becoming familiar with milk thistle and adaptogens, buying the stuff the biohacking guys swear by, cutting out dairy and wondering if you also need to cut out sugar and wheat and nightshades too...wondering “do I have candida” or “maybe it is a genetic mutation” or “maybe I need enzymes”....

The never ending list of possible causes occupying time and space in your head and your body until you honestly orient every activity in some way around what your body can do, will do or may do…

Then, the more you research, the bigger it gets, on top of all that, it is special meditations for fear, the mantra work...

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Are you in an abusive relationship with your body?

lifeforce Dec 04, 2020

Are you in an abusive relationship with your body? Or maybe perhaps it is in one with you?

Ever considered the tone of your relationship with your body? It is just as key as the relationship with your kids, your spouse, your friends, family and more, yet, we rarely evaluate it, have hardly ever seen someone go to a therapist because of it, and yet, if we examine what that relationship really consists of, in many cases, it is classic abuse.

Do you ignore when your body tells you it is done and push past it every time? 

Do you tell yourself things like Why are you so fat? Why can’t you just get it done? What’s wrong with you? 

Do you say mean things to your body parts...I hate my belly, thighs, arms, hips?

Do you restrict food and do it because you know you will lose control, or eat the wrong things or make bad choices or need to lose weight?

Do you numb out any pain you have with OTC meds, alcohol, and more instead of paying attention to it and trying to...

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No More Blogs!

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2020

Someone told me the other day that she spends 6 hours a day either researching her health, scrolling FB, watching YouTube, or escaping into TV.

Six Hours of distraction….

Think about it, she has spent 6 hours daily (which is not too far off the American average) wasted on nothing...not growing health, not cultivating spirit, not learning a new valuable skill, not becoming a better human...but distracting herself because she feels terrible.

She is tired, is in pain, has an autoimmune disease that the doctors keep ignoring or prescribing antidepressants for, she can’t play with her daughter and as a consequence, her daughter is getting obese and lethargic without mom as an inspiration.  In this case, her exhaustion has gotten to the point where she can’t even work full time because she can’t manage the hours.

Have you ever considered what this level of illness and yet non-illness costs people?  In her case, the 6 hours spent being distracted...

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Beyond Food & Supplements

diet lifeforce supplements Jun 03, 2020

Are you going beyond exhausted?

A few weeks ago after a massive project and tons of family obligations, I found myself beyond exhausted.  As I tried to rest, finding that even laying down felt like it took effort, I reflected on how I used to live in that place.

Where everything made me feel guilty…

My kids wanting to do a museum day and all I could think of was how will I make it through..maybe they have benches

My husband wanting a date night and I couldn’t imagine holding my attention long enough to pretend to take part in a conversation

My friends wanting to meet for coffee and I was wondering if I could bow out easily

So tired that I wanted to cry and yet, not having words to explain to everyone just how tired I was, and feeling like they wouldn’t get it anyway, after all, what did I have to show for just how exhausted I was.

Sure, like everyone, I worked, and shopped, cooked food and did household things, but it's not like I moved...

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It costs pennies...

Uncategorized May 24, 2020

What does it cost to heal?

Let's ask a better question, what does it cost to be sick?

The CDC says low energy carries a cost of 20K per year.

Diabetes ranges from 13 to 20K per year.

Cancer comes in at 10 to 30K per month.

Now, many people like to assert themselves well...I am just tired, or I am just having Thyroid issues.

So, what is that fatigue? At a minimum, it is cells that can't sustain lifeforce.  If that thought doesn't scare the daylight out of you, I am not sure what to say.

Cells that can't sustain a vibrant lifeforce can't send signals, can't speak to each other, can't differentiate...can't defend against infection, can't prevent cancer, can't take in nutrients, can't clear toxins, can't respond to hormonal signals….

Small decreases in lifeforce which aren't repaired will continue.  Their evolution trends to autoimmune disease, cancer, dementia, Parkinson's and MS...just to name a few.

Without cell energy, hormonal systems become...

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Mind Trash Talk

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2020

Motivation is not a mind thing, it is a fuel and cell experience.

If you find you keep saying to yourself...If I could just get the motivation, I could feel better….

I can say with certainty, you are suffering from cell exhaustion.

It is not your mind.

We kill ourselves under the weight of self-judgement, bearing ourselves for being lazy, unmotivated,  not enough and more when we are actually EXHAUSTED.

You do not solve exhaustion by doing more, so lest you think...if I could only get into the gym, if I could only do more it would all even out.

This is mind trash talk, you are guilting yourself into shame and apathy and those emotions are incapable of restoration, those emotions are not aligned with life.  Living here is dangerous, we keep pushing forward, assuming it is us, we aren’t doing enough, we aren’t owning our life, when in reality….


Exhaustion is a funny thing, because we lose connection with it, and...

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What hangovers tell us about healing

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2020

It's funny, we are a collection of life...70 trillion cells working in concert, collaborating, cooperating, all with a focus on one goal...the best experience for us...the individual experiencing life.  Yet, when we are offered healing, it ends up being about subduing those cells, reining them in, corralling them into function...when they were championing us the whole time.

Doesn’t it strike you as odd, that our healing model assumes ignorance and dysfunction?  Doesn’t it seem so out of alignment to what we have experienced our whole life?

I mean think about it, when has your body not tried to help you heal?

When you fell off your bike as a kid...did your skin scab over and eventually heal even though you didn’t tell it to?

When you have had a cold or the flu....did your body send all kinds of complex immune modulators to the right spots to clean up the mess even though you wouldn’t have the foggiest idea of how to direct it to do all of...

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Vitality Isn't Found In A Pill

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2020

I read this quote the other day by an old Chinese Doctor who said: 

"People who think healing is found in supplements or even just in diet are looking at the branches of the tree without ever considering the root."

No words could ever be more true.

I see this so much, especially in the Functional Medicine world, people telling me about how their Functional doc ran tons of tests and then put them on 16 or 17 supplements all of which they had to take 3 times per day.  Basically, ending up swallowing handfuls of pills for every meal. But they didn’t see a resolution, so the same doc then decides maybe it is mold, maybe it is metals, maybe you have SIBO, and comes another round of tests and another round or rounds of supplements.

This is the look at the branches not the root approach to healing.  Over and over, evaluating the branches for what the ailment is, and of course, never being able to settle on a singular root cause...because there are hundreds of...

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