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Wishing Our Life Away

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2019

Someone remarked to me today: “It’s kind of a shame that we wish so much of our life away, we wish for the weekend, we wish for winter to be gone….we only get one life, yet we spend so much time wishing it away.”

Wise words, and they got me thinking about what that means in the various intertwined, yet seemingly separate aspects of our lives. If we reach Monday and spend our week peering over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to that all elusive Friday, then where is our consciousness? 

I don’t ask this in some huge external existential way, I ask from a very practical, present and tangible way. Where is our conscious attention? It is on this future place, far ahead of us. Yet, between Monday and Friday, there are hundreds of interactions, moments to laugh, moments to eat, moments to sleep and have sex and move, but are we there for those moments?

If not, then is it possible to make any momentum towards things we love in that time?...

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Expansive Joy

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2019

Let’s talk about growth. As I was meditating the other day, asking for whatever messages needed to emerge from within me, only two words came back….EXPANSIVE JOY.

Expansive joy, the message came with images, life unfettered, unhindered, finding the grace in the immediate and letting my spirit soar into each of those moments playfully. It made me ponder the role of expansive joy in everything.

I began to think on language...do I say “I have to do” or “I get to do”, do I say “I must” or “I choose to”? Such little differences, but one path pins me down, obligates me and one sets me free, opens up my possibilities. 
That is the amazing thing about expansive joy...it is expansive. We begin with one directive and soon, find ourselves playing in fields of wonder throughout our lives. 

Will life bring sorrow and pain...yes, even sometimes long episodes of that, but does that define us, does that...

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What does a healthy woman look like?

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2019

What does a healthy woman look like?

What's the true picture of a healthy woman?

If you open glamour or vogue, they're going to list off things like percent body fat and weight.

Because we've all become so used to these parameters, we too have adopted them as our image of a healthy woman.

But I'm going to break the mold and say that's not necessarily true. In fact, just because you're really low in body fat percentage does not mean you're healthy.

There are a lot of athletes, professional athletes even who come out and tell us how they've gotten sick. Remember when Lance Armstrong, (not that he's a woman) got prostate cancer?

I'm sure his body fat percentage was quite low. He certainly was lean,  and was not overweight in any way, shape or form. And yet there he was with cancer.

So what does that say about those topics, those issues, those parameters?

A healthy woman will have a couple of characteristics in common consistently. 

Number one is she feels...

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Diets will ruin your health

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2019

I think if a person we're going to try to rely on whatever the news provides for dietary information, it would be a significantly awesome way to make you feel completely crazy.

I am constantly reading studies and perspectives on food because honestly, it's one of my biggest interests...how food affects our cells, organs, hormonal regulation, energy, longevity,  disease risk...even our sense of connection and resilience.

I get lots of things popping into my news feed, after Christmas it was all “10 Keto dishes to make you feel great” and “why Keto is going to save your life” and “why this expert says Keto” “and how this celebrity thrives on low carb”

Every day, one more headline, but then, just last week….it shifted to “why carbs can save your life”

To be honest, I didn't click on any of those articles, but what I get from them is, this is what people all are faced with, an array of information where...

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How many more doctors will you have to see?

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2019

How many doctors have you seen?

How many do you think you're going to see before you get to where you want to be….if you get there at all? 


All the time I hear… I see my chiropractor for my spine, but they also give me vitamins, I take some nutritional advice from the “expert” at the health food store, I see my functional medicine doctor for my thyroid and my adrenals, and then they also sometimes work on my gut.

People tell me how once they mention thyroid or digestion to one of their health providers,  they are suddenly offered two bottles of this or a test for that...and told….we treat this all the time.

So, throwing a few products at a problem is not treatment.

Swallowing a remedy for this system or that system isn't medicine it is half-assed pseudo-medicine at best.

For starters, there is no gut without your liver or Thyroid or Brain and therefore, one cannot address the gut in isolation.

To compound it, random...

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Uncategorized Feb 22, 2019

Went to an astronomy event a while back, kept waking up all night in wonder.

This universe, all it's amazing aspects and here we are so small within its midst.

Yet, here we are.
We have within us that infinite beauty and the same infinite stardust.
What magic.
What would it be to choose to live from that place of wonder?
What if we dedicated the rest of our existence to finding, expressing and loving who we are and what we are here to be?

What if we saw every part of us as a miracle?
What if our struggles have always been the challenge to rise up?
What if our fatigue us a call to change?
The signal that we stepped out of alignment?

What if our feelings of low motivation are a call to focus...on what is true and DIVINE within our cells rather than what is wrong with us?

What if our hormonal disarray is a call to recapture the balance of being a powerful woman rather than following the paths which have worn us out so badly?
Imagine what it is to live fully in alignment with the stardust in our...

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Thin isn't always healthy

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2019

I think it's time we destroyed a misconception that's propagated widely in the world. That misconception is:  If I'm skinny, I'm healthy.

I have talked to so many women and have found that among those that don't need to lose weight, despite having a multitude of known health conditions, they will commonly say, “but overall I'm healthy.”

Now, sadly, this flies in the face of reason because if you've got known health conditions, despite wanting to proclaim your health, you no longer can stand as being healthy.

What I have found is, many of these women look at themselves and say,  I'm the correct size for my body, my BMI is great, when I go to the doctor, they think I'm doing a fantastic job.  

But how off does it feel to be able to say both “I don’t feel well” and “I think I am quite healthy because of my size”?  Now, I get it, because we live in a world which evaluates overall health, success and value on what our...

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Uncategorized Feb 18, 2019

So I was getting a Shiatsu massage the other day and I noticed, just how much I hold tightness in my body.

So, the therapist was raising my arm above my head and I felt like I was totally relaxed and he says, can you let your arm go?

I had to check in with it... really... it's not let go, and then I felt it.

I was totally holding my arm up...so, I checked in and then I let it go.

A little while later he was doing a transition move, bringing me back to a reclined position holding my head. He says, you can let your neck relax. I've got you.

And I just thought about that.

I've got you.

I started to ponder, just how much we hold, how much tightness we have that we don't even notice.

I thought about how profound that is in healing... for the experience of the tiny parts of us.

I have this deep fascination with the experience of my cells. And I am certain that the experience of my cells is the experience of my life.
So if my cells feel fed and nourished and heard and...

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Don't let the world steal your health

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2019

How do we combat the overwhelming fear that is pretty much now the mantra of the world we live in?

How do we do that in the midst of bad news or alarming news or irritating news almost everywhere?

So many are getting consumed and overwhelmed by what is being said….I don't even watch it listen to major media, but when I check headlines, what I typically find is a multitude of stories indicating: it is not safe, we are not well, and there are crazy people everywhere so watch out

So, what's the answer? Do we dig in, get more informed and thus more anxious? Is that how we solve it?

What if it begins with us?

One of the things that I found is that restoring my own personal world, I really believe is the vehicle for restoring the world at large.

Now, before you get stuck thinking I am speaking about head in the sand or isolationism, let me explain.

There is an interconnectedness between all of us, whether we realize it or not,
and none of us can be immune or set aside...

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Time to be fed

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2019

I was thinking the other day about how we as women have this tendency to be underfed.

It's really something that shows up at every level of our life, but I think it's best observed in the relationship we have with food.

I talk to women all the time who say, I feel better if I just don't eat.
It's such a funny statement because it's a place of learned distancing from our physical self.

We live in a body that cannot survive on nothing. Our cells are looking for fuel, for fats, proteins and carbohydrates every single day.  

Yet, too many women have adapted to feel best when they avoid putting food into their body...maybe it is the emptiness...the sense of a flat stomach, feeling light, thin and airy.

As a general rule, we don't like it when we feel full and there's such an irony there because if we cannot fuel our physical body, then how are we going to fuel our dreams? What is it going to be based off of?

Think about it, you can't run a car without some sort of fuel...

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