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Nutritional Support, Acupuncture and Cerebral Palsy, by Dr. Julie TwoMoon

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2012

Nutritional needs are determined by a few key factors. First, the overall stress burden on the body, second the digestive ability of the body and third previous exposure to diminished nutrient quality. People living with cerebral palsy have an increased need for adequate nutrition because of the increased stress burden of the body and because the multiple interventions common among people with this condition create an environment of diminished digestive ability. Essential nutrition must begin at birth and then be considered a critical part of all ongoing care. There are five basic rules of optimal nutrition that can be paired with four basic supplementation guidelines and the use of acupuncture that will magnify and improve overall health, energy, inflammatory response and quality of life in most people living with CP. The guidelines do not vary much from the optimal nutritional needs of all people; however, when there is a greater need in the body, it is essential for good...

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December 2008 Body Mind Spirit Article By Dr. TwoMoon

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2012

December always marks a large change for many of us.
It is a month filled with activity and celebration and lots and lots of excess. Between buying a gift for every person that has been a part of your life over the previous year was not enough, we also spend more time running around, start feeling the chill of winter descend into our bodies and overindulge in food and treats of all kinds.

However, holidays don’t have to mean going off the deep end, rather they can mean a getting back to basics and celebrating our fortunes big and small. Take an inventory of the blessings the fill your life early in the holiday season. Instead of focusing on what you want or worrying about the endless lists of “must-haves” make a list of the basic joys that fill your life. Keep it simple like being grateful for your favorite sweater, a good book on your shelf, for a rerun of your favorite holiday movie. Remember that being thankful is the most powerful blessing you can give...

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Walsh Remains in Pain, but Winning Ways Don't Wane

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2012

By David Leon Moore


BEIJING — Kerri Walsh's and Misty May-Treanor's waltz through pool play in their quest for the first repeat gold medal in Olympic beach volleyball history might have looked routine. It wasn't.
In fact, nothing this summer has been routine for Walsh, who is in more pain and has had more worries about her right shoulder than she normally lets on.

Though the gregarious Walsh is, in public, perpetually smiley-faced and provides more happy talk than Mister Rogers, she wasn't so cheery on that van one early morning in June in Berlin on her way to play a semifinal in her first international tournament of the year.

Walsh had taken a brief break from the AVP Tour schedule because of recurring soreness in the shoulder on which she had surgery in November to repair a torn rotator cuff.

In Berlin, two months before the Games, she was in agony while riding to a match she wasn't sure she could finish.

It was then that she began to receive treatment from an...

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