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lifeforce mindset May 10, 2021
Why won’t you listen to me?
Ever had that conversation with your body?

Maybe you haven’t had it overtly, but if you are like me, you have had it...in the form of food, in the form of exercise, even in the form of meditation...can’t count the number of times, I have spoken with others about why they weren’t feeling peaceful after they had been dedicated to meditation daily for months.

We think, my body should listen, look at all the “good” things I am doing for it
My body should have responded more by now
My body should have changed more by  now
My body needs to step it up

I know you have said it, I can say this with confidence, because I lived most of my life there…

THINKING that because I was DOING the “right” things my body should respond with change to reflect what I wanted.

Do you see the disconnect? THINKING…

Except that our biology doesn’t respond well to thinking...it is more of an emotional action...

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Would you talk to a child like you talk to you?

How many of you secretly wish your body would just behave?

Do you think about how tired you are and just think...this isn’t right, come on! 
Do you think about your weight and think...what’s wrong with me?
Do you try to separate from your body...distracting yourself with anything you can find just so you don’t have to be in it?

And yet, how many of you are raising kids, have raised kids or are an auntie or special inspiration to a child?

Would you ever let them talk to their body the way you talk to yours?
Would you tell your kids that their fatigue just doesn’t warrant solving?
Would you tell them to push past the pain? Suck it up?
Would you tell them they are the flaw when they are worried about their weight?
Would you put them on super restrictive diets and put them down when they didn’t succeed?
Would you send them to the gym or to enroll in a Beachbody program despite pain, fatigue and depression?
I ask because this is what I see...
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Are you making it worse?

diet mindset supplements Apr 26, 2021

Those Supplements you keep buying, the special herb formulas for “people just like you”, even the Thyroid meds you might have been given aren’t what your body really needs.


So much of the health industry isn't looking at what is really happening in people’s bodies, not considering if the body can even use nutrients, not considering if the organs are actually too tired, burdened and weak to respond to those herbs, not considering if there is enough support in the cell and system to do much at all with hormonal messages, and yet, that is the major dogma.


I know you are concerned about your health, wondering why your body holds so much inflammation, why it is so tired, why your sleep, mood, digestion, skin, libido and mind have been impacted when for the most part everyone says there isn’t anything big to give attention to.


I know how you have been lured by FB posts for the super greens, the diet teas, the mushroom powders and more,...

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Are You Doing Fats Wrong?

diet Apr 19, 2021

Fats are a big topic in health and healing, and much of what is out there isn’t great, reality is, we need fat, in particular saturated fat, but not in massive amounts like some would claim, and running our body on fat is a rather perilous path.


First, you use saturated fats and cholesterol to make your hormones, so you need them in your diet in order to maintain hormonal function.  However, if your metabolic furnace is running slow, you cannot put them to use very easily, and consequently, adopting a high fat diet with cells stuck in slow motion is a recipe for disaster.  


If we add to this the reality that most of the fat consumed by Americans is in the form of PUFA oils like sunflower, safflower, soy (soy oil is the most widely used oil in the restaurant industry) and canola.  In 2016 nearly 80% of the fat in American diets was from these fats.


Many facing exhaustion and hormonal issues read that switching to a diet high in butter,...

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Alarm signals

self-healing supplements Apr 12, 2021

Those alarm signals from your body that are keeping your cells stuck in survival mode, yes, the ones you aren’t even conscious of any more because they have been going on for 10 plus years, they are driving the exhaustion and hormonal melt down you feel.


I have bad news for you, diet and supplements aren't enough to turn those off, and the wrong pairings of food and supplements will make them worse.  See, those signals are for survival, literally, there is a part of your system which believes it is doing the essential job of letting you survive.  Which means, to get it to turn off, you are going to have to let those cells and systems know it is ok.


Another bit of truth, taking away the stress isn’t enough.  I can’t tell you the number of women I Have worked with who had quit their job, or moved, or left the toxic relationship or finally switched careers only to find it didn’t make them feel better.


Why??? Because that...

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Are you an animal?

diet self-healing Apr 05, 2021

I watched a pair of ducks fly over my house yesterday, they were mere feet apart, headed together to their next destination and I wondered...how do they tell each other where they want to go? 

Is it a particular quack or the way they bend their wing or is it even more subtle than that...body communication or even mental communication?

It got me thinking about animals, how they sleep when they need sleep or eat when they need to eat, how they don’t obsess over food, or how they know what plants will serve them or what foods are ideal right now.

Their body communication and awareness is awesome, beyond awesome, never hung up on little stuff that in the end doesn’t matter.

Is it any wonder then that we rarely see sick animals in the wild? Think about it, you don’t see them hardly ever.

Did you know that when bears wake up, one of the things they do is search out OSHA or bear root and eat it because it is anti-parasitic and will cleanse their body after being in a...

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Is Your Light Dimming

lifeforce mindset Mar 29, 2021

Do you wonder why you don't feel well?

Do you think...well, my friends don’t feel well either...so...maybe this is life after 40? 

Do you figure it's just life, or stress or aging?


Doesn’t this strike you as odd?  That not feeling well is so common we just accept it as the way life goes?  Don’t you ever wonder why?


We as a collective have diminished our expectations of life so much that we figure as women that by the time we reach 40, oor 50 or 60, that not feeling alive is just part of the pattern...we assume not well is ok, as long as Dr’s say they can’t find cancer, as long as we can pretty much show up in life, and pretend normal, as long as we can still fake it, still make dinner, still push through.


When did we agree to such a small version of our life that we assume such a small normal?


It strikes me as funny and quite honestly terribly sad that we honestly wait for illness to assume action...that we...

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Expect To Go Out Of Your Way

Expect to go out of your way

Expect to leave the path you have known

Expect it to be hard at times

Expect it to change you

Expect it to make you wonder if it is worth it

Expect to be a bit uncomfortable 

These are descriptions of any journey worth taking, of every challenge that was worthy of changing you of every true transformation.

Healing is no different 

In fact, I could argue even more so because healing when true, is every part of you shifted, strengthened, grown, nourished and changed in some small or huge way 

I have news for you...a diet isn't healing 

Supplements aren't healing

Exercise isn't healing


I suppose you wonder, how can she say that, how can she say that what I put in my body isn't healing?


Because food crafted in absence of conscience, of grace to your system and without intent to collude with the Life Force which cultivates you is just matter and particles...some of which are good and some of which are bad.


See, Healing...

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Is FEAR ruining your life?

lifeforce mindset Mar 15, 2021

Don't let FEAR stop you from claiming your DIVINE, AWESOME, GODDESS VITALITY!

But, why are so many people so stuck?  FEAR

Yes- you read correctly!

Every day, I hear examples of FEAR holding people back: 

" I can't find anyone to look deeper than symptoms”

" I have tried everything I can think of....."

" I have too many problems...."

" I need to wait until.....(house sells, kid graduates, new water heater, pay off other medical bills....)

" I'm afraid…."

" I think I might be too tired to do this"

" I'm afraid I won’t be here in 10 more years"

" I'm afraid I will just not be able to keep up”

" I'm afraid my husband is going to leave me”  (due to lack of connection, fatigue and low libido)

" I'm afraid I am going to get cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia"

Isn’t it amazing all the ways FEAR shows up?

When you think about it, in our states of deep exhaustion, most of the time, unless we choose with...

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What the uber successful already know

lifeforce mindset Mar 08, 2021

Are you defined by how busy you are?

Do you think to yourself every day, man, I'm badass, look at what I did today.

I went to work, I took care of projects, I got my kid's lunch and school stuff ready, I helped them with their homework, I made dinner, I even managed to vacuum the floors, on top of that, I responded to three personal texts and 5 emails and I worked out.

Is your entire identity wrapped up in all the things that you were able to do?

So, can I ask, how many of those were activities of meaning?

How many of those were means to express your soul's call in this life?  Or things you can confidently proclaim done to feed your deep purpose?

How many of them were part of this conglomeration of activities and ideas that we've all agreed to based on societal constructs of what it means to be a productive, successful woman?

Statistically American women are more exhausted than any other women on the planet.

Why are we so exhausted?

Because we've linked our identity and value...

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