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Do You Want More?

Do you wait to pray only when things are bad? Or do you honor the connection to God/Creator/Spirit all the time? 

I ask because it also bears asking do you reserve self care, good food, self love, rest and time off only for when you feel bad? Or do you celebrate your life, your body and your place in this world with those things daily?

We tend to reserve care for self for when it has become undeniable...a headache, an illness, when we can no longer get off the couch, when our pain, depression, or anxiety has reached a point where it cannot be ignored, and then, we stop, rest, take a break, bow out of commitments, call off work, tell people no.


One of the key aspects of how we get exhausted is that we reserve our love of self for when it is convenient or undeniable, and serve all others needs ahead of our own.  But, this model sucks!

Excuse my language, but if you have been saying yes to everyone around you before saying yes to you and you are suffering, isn’t it...

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Remorse Free Living...Yes, It's a thing

lifeforce mindset Jul 12, 2021

Can we talk about Desire?

You know that desire you have to feel better?  That itch you get for what life could be like? That sensation you crave where you wake up and are excited for the day or the surge of life you feel when inspiration hits and you can’t wait to enact the next steps of your DIVINE plan?

How many times have you felt that and then had to numb it out or turn your back to it? How many times have you convinced yourself that it isn’t time, will be too expensive, will be too time consuming, people won’t understand, or even began to question you...are you really capable of change, can you have that, do you deserve that?

Our doubting voices are toxic, those saboteurs who rob us of so many experiences, so much life.  We tend to live life based on them, we decide according to their beliefs, we act according to their limitations, and it shows, the number of us living lives that are ¼ or less of what we desire is staggering and growing daily....

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Bandaids On Bullet Holes

Would you ever consider putting a bandaid on a bullet hole? Now, you may be thinking….why would I ever do that?

It sounds so simple, of course not! but if you want to know the truth, this is what 90 percent of the world is doing with regards to healing. Taking a symptom-based approach to long term health and in the process, never getting to the truth, never addressing the root.  

Let’s take a look at just two of the most hot button topics in healing right now...SIBO and Hypothyroidism.  

SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth syndrome) is the condition of name right now being ascribed as the cause of a multitude of conditions...and most commonly, docs and health practitioners are touting...if your guts not right neither is your body...fix your SIBO and watch your total health change.

Now, challenge is, that statement is 100% right...if your gut is sick, you will be too...BUT they're looking at it as a condition whereby your gut balance is disrupted, and the only...

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You Are Not Pieces

mindset self-healing Jun 28, 2021
Someone told me the other day that they wish they had called me first, but, instead, they did three other programs this past year, one for their mindset, one for their fear residuals from childhood, and one on diet.
The outcome: some shifts, but still stuck.
The reason she found herself still stuck is, you cannot separate the body or our experience into pieces, taking the mind stuff in one corner, the emotions in another, the body in yet another.  You are not separation, you are connected DIVINE expression.
Healing is supposed to be the rejoining of your whole self.  Those emotional experiences are not sitting somewhere in isolation, they are part of your cells, those cells which are existing in a low function state, not sending messages, tired, not using nutrients, not producing a sensation of life...yes, those cells are the same ones having the experience of fear, of restricted belief, of stuckness.
Too many “experts” advocate that...
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What is your body relationship?

mindset self-healing Jun 21, 2021
I remember the day when I really realized what my conversation with my body really was.
Here I was, taking on a crazy schedule, regarding everything as my responsibility,  caretaking for all the people in my life and doing it all fast.
By constantly pushing, I was continually telling my cells and systems “Oh, by the way, you're just one big disappointment to me” and on top of that, my inner voice constantly noticing the flaws .. fat, cellulite,  wrinkles, headaches, joint pain…all seen from the viewpoint of “How can you act this way when I work so hard for us”
This was my message to my divine creation on a daily basis.
Maybe it sounds familiar to you?
See, I really truly believe that our body absolutely has always done exactly what we've asked it to do. Now our ego will distort that and say, I never asked my belly to get big, I never asked my knees to hurt, but we have to take a broader look and really...
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What if you aren't lazy?

lifeforce self-healing Jun 14, 2021
That fatigue that is wearing you down, making life get smaller and smaller, making you have to choose to not do things you love, making you say NO so very often, making you feel like you are just lazy, and lack motivation. 
It isn't going away.
This isn't a season, or the job you have or your lack of willpower, this isn't menopause or the lack of exercise or even quarantine. 
There is no super fast remedy or magic pill for this, and yes, it is actually getting worse 
You can't wait this out.
It has to be remedied now.
But, truth is, no one understands fatigue, most doctors, health coaches, Functional medicine practitioners, honestly, they think it is all gut and adrenal, some think it is the weight you have added.
They are wrong,  I say that because not only have I lived it, but, I was offered or tried all those options.
Truth is, it is all of you, mind, emotion, spirit and body, a problem not remedied by a...
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You have been trying so hard to heal…

You have been trying so hard to heal….

Trust me, I know!  All those special plans, books, diets, supplements, herbs, meditation, paying attention to your mindset, getting movement...I know you have been working on healing for a long time.

It honestly sucks to have worked so much and have so little to celebrate about the outcomes!  Especially when you see other people saying it was just this “one” shift that did all the work.

I have a secret for you, it was never just one shift.

I have followed so many “gurus” over the years, watching their FB posts, reading their emails, and guess what...not one time was that “one” shift they sell the thing that healed them, and another truth...many of them aren’t really healed at all.

Reality is, there has never been just “one” thing wrong with our system when it presents us with symptoms...and symptoms are the result of maladaptation in body self regulation that has likely gone...

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Are you standing in your own way?

lifeforce mindset May 31, 2021

Are you standing in your own way? 

It's a really important question, especially when it comes to your healing.

We stand in our own way by thinking that we just need to try one more restrictive diet, cut out five more foods or find the perfect blend of supplements, adaptogens, or herbs.  We do it by chasing that one thing...hormones, gut, mold, EBV, food allergies and more.

We do it by figuring it is just our emotions, our mind, our energetic pathways, or our past and trying to isolate down to the ONE event, issue or problem we have to solve.  Now, I get it, wanting it to be ONE thing, it seems easier, but, truth is, it has never been and will never be just ONE part of you that is exhausted, it is all of you and it is real

Operating this way creates a blockage in our healing because it takes us out of association with our body as a whole, tends to isolate us into our head and cuts us off from what our body and our real emotional state is going through.

To heal, it is...

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mindset May 24, 2021


Women tell me every day, I feel STUCK.
Stuck in my body
Stuck in my life
Stuck in pain
Stuck in Anger
Stuck in Sadness

Some think that stuckness is mental, that if they could shift their beliefs, the stuckness would disappear, others think it is situational, if they could just take a bit more time off, have a different job, move houses, change locations...it would stop.

But stuckness is more tangible than we realize, that sense of being trapped, immobile, it isn’t just a psychological phenomenon, it is a literal physiological state.  In fact, I have never found someone who was stuck in a belief or an emotional pattern whose body hadn’t followed that lead and become stuck too.  

In the body, this is different, stuckness causes literal congealment, thickening of the blood, deposition of plaque on arteries, fibroids, cellulite, joint pain, headaches, digestive issues, brain fog, anxiety, and immune dysfunction.  But these things don’t unwind...

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Stop Exercising

lifeforce mindset May 17, 2021

Stop Exercising.

You may be thinking, this is insane, I won’t stop exercising, that is a recipe for disaster.

But, hear me out.

Exercise carries with it an implied definition, as in movement we do for the purpose of being some way different.  Sometimes it is stronger, sometimes it is to run farther, sometimes to be more agile, and many times to lose weight.  Meaning, exercise is our replacement for the natural human instinct to move.

We never had exercise until modern civilization, there wasn’t a need, we never forgot to move, or forgot to walk or use our body.  Now, we count steps.

The question is: Is there a difference?

Yes! A dramatic one! Exercise done on obligation is like any other chore, we do it, but we don’t love it, and our body knows the difference.  Think of the last time you went dancing with good friends or played at the beach with your kids, that was exercise, but did you experience it as such? Not likely, because you weren't...

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