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You Matter Too

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2017

He came careening from the left, just a blur, barely fitting between the car next to us and the space in front of us. My breath caught in my chest, I gasped and exclaimed “Oh My GOD”.

We looked at each other, my husband less wide-eyed than me, because he had seen the guy coming, and had managed to slow down just in time to make the space he knew the car was headed to big enough to fit.  We continued driving, catching our breath, slowing our heart rate, until we reached the next light and by chance the very same car.

We pulled up next to it, both still in shock, the passenger rolls down the window sheepishly, obviously expecting to be yelled at, immediately saying I’m sorry, really, sorry.  The driver, however, begins with bravado, “you all right buddy” he says with just a touch of arrogant tone.  My husband calmly answers, “yes, I was more worried about you”. It goes like this back and forth, my husband encouraging him to...

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Learning To Say "NO"

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2017

I am learning to say no.

It’s not as easy as I thought it would be, invoking this little word.  Saying “NO” is a big part of my own personal healing journey, in fact, you could say it is part of my prescription for healing.

See, I like to say yes, even when it isn’t in my best interest, “yes, I will help you”, “yes, I can do that too”, “yes, I can contribute”.

Yes is great, yes is awesome, but yes can take us down to almost nothing.

Some people proclaim no to be a limiting word, one to eliminate from our vocabulary, but to me, no is liberation and rest and freedom.

How would your life change if you felt you could say no to the things you really didn’t want to do?

Realistically, I am not speaking of life’s little annoyances (paying bills, taxes, running errands, or going to the dentist), no, I am speaking of the commitments we make out of obligation, or to keep up appearances. I am speaking of the minutia...

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Not Following My Own Advice Leads To Burning Embers On My Head

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2017

So, I am laying on my couch with an oyster shell full of burning embers on the side of my head…..


This is me, treating the consequences of not following my own advice.  See, yesterday, while at a local health food store with my daughter, I, against my own best knowledge had about 4 ounces of a smoothie.

Any of you who have ever sat and listened to me talk nutrition know, I am avidly against smoothies, they are cold, filled with hard to digest sugar from fruit and cause the Spleen to feel utterly rejected.

Well, we all make bad decisions, and yesterday, this was mine. It was such a small amount, but almost immediately I had an ice cream headache (which apparently didn’t stop me) and a few minutes later had another one.

Today, I woke up with pain on the side of my head where the ice cream headache had been and along with that, trouble opening my jaw.

Hence, the shell and embers. See, the cold from drinks like smoothies can get lodged in the body, and in my...

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When You Wake Up Feeling A Bit "Off"

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2017

Some days you just wake up feeling a bit "off".  That’s me today, a bit off, a bit fatigued, my mind a bit slow.

I try to pay attention when this happens, check in with my body, try to see if I can locate the feelings or sensations, and then feel deeper into them.  My goal is to experience their totality, not just the fact that they are there, but what I think of or notice when I draw myself into the awareness of their presence.  Today, I felt a desire for some quiet time, a tinge of frustration, a bit of sadness, and a voice speaking a sort of “I don’t want to”.

Noticing into these sensations got me thinking about how I have in the past tried to silence or mute the sensations of a day like today. Maybe stopping for a sweet coffee, or having something starchy or rich for my breakfast, or maybe just by being grumpy with others.

But today, as I noticed and honored what I was feeling I also experienced a deep sense of connection to the routines I...

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I Can't Believe I Never Saw It This Way

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2017

I saw something really cool last night in my evening meditation, and I just had to write about it so I can share it with you.  But, I first have to set the stage.

Every night, I sit in front of my Near-Infrared Lights and meditate (part of my nutritional restoration program). Lately, I have been focusing on pulling the yang qi, the heat and light into my lower dantien (the area below my belly button). The reason I focus here is to warm my Kidney yang and increase my vitality, a meditation I will soon be releasing in guided recorded format for anyone who is interested. So, here I was sitting in my homemade sauna holding my hands over my lower belly and breathing slowly and deeply, inviting the warm energy to grow and expand to fill the space.

In the tradition of Qi Gong, I also had my tongue pressed to the top of my mouth, as this initiates communication between my Governing Vessel (running up the back of my spine into my head) and my Conception Vessel (running down the front of...

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Leisure, Stress and Finding Time To Sit Down

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2017

Hello there,

I hope your Friday has begun with joy and blessings, and if it hasn’t, I hope it shifts that way quickly! I was driving through town the other day, enjoying the colors on the trees (even though I am honestly struggling with this change of seasons) and something struck me.  

I noticed how many beautiful gardens and houses fill this area and how so many of them have these beautiful, quaint, quiet sitting areas strategically set in their gardens.  Spots with lovely perennials, and flowers, a bit of shade, some nice chairs, but I never see anyone sitting there.  

I think what stood out the most was that these scenes were like a call to leisure, as if to say to a passerby: “sit with us, and quietly contemplate the awesomeness of these plants, or the softness of the breeze”. So much intention has gone into these spaces, which says to me that the people inhabiting those houses actually at one point and maybe even still have a dream of living a...

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Trust is the magic

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2017

What if your body had a template for Divine perfection that has been trying to express itself, that's waiting to express itself, that is actually the key to your sustainable, vibrant energy, vitality, hormonal balance, all of it?

What if, because the medical model, and I'm talking natural medicine, Conventional Medicine, and health coaching...what if they're all so focused on mastering just the biochemistry or just the mindset, that they'll never teach you how to initiate the expression of that Divine perfection because it's not in their model?

See, I used to look at medicine that way, I started out as a kid being taught about that innate perfection. But then society took over and when we don't feel well, people go immediately to the biochemistry, to the organ systems, they go immediately to hormonal systems, and then we get locked into that paradigm and we begin to forget.

I remember that the first day I ever sat in a Chinese medicine lecture, the conversation was really...

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Spring And Your Health

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2017

Classical Chinese Medicine, Spring And Your Health

Spring is generally regarded as a happy season, especially for those that live in areas where winter is cold and dark. It brings with it longer days, more sunshine, rebirth of plants, and more activity. But for many, the months of spring can also bring irritability, anxiety, sinus issues, allergy flare-ups, and even colds.

Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) has been around for 3,000 + years, which gives the medical system a lot of credibility. CCM classifies things in many ways. For example, there are five seasonal associations - winter, spring, summer, late summer, and fall. Each season with its own unique set of properties and associations as well. Spring is associated with the wood element. The wood element governs the liver and the gallbladder and their energetic pathways. This dynamic interplay of seasonal change and the corresponding elements work to create balance and harmony or chaos, all depending on how we care for ourselves...

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The Gallbladder

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2017

The gallbladder is one of the most commonly treated yang organ energetic systems we address with acupuncture. I say yang because each system in Chinese medicine is designated as either yin or yang. Very generally speaking, the yin organ systems store vital substances, whereas yang organ systems fill and empty themselves dynamically. Every in organ system is paired with a yang organ system and vice versa. In modern acupuncture practice, most acupuncturists pay a lot of attention to the yin organ systems, but in truth, addressing patterns and flow in yang systems can hold vital keys to our healing.
The gallbladder is one such system, it is the yang counterpart to the yin organ, the liver. Now, it is important to note that from a Chinese Medicine perspective, when we talk about a particular organ, such as the liver, heart, or gallbladder, we are not talking about the physical organ.. Rather, we are talking about a complex system of energy that flows within particular pathways and has a...

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Should I Stop Eating Gluten?

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2017

Should I stop all gluten if I want to be healthy?

A common question, and a good one too. I suppose the idea of being Gluten-free has gained enough steam that many have come to believe that eliminating Gluten from their diet might be the most significant effort for their long-term health. To which I say: maybe.

Gluten is the protein aspect of certain grains, the most common of which are: wheat, oats, rye, and barley.  In some people, namely those with Celiac disease, this protein causes severe and debilitating inflammation in the digestive tract, which extends then to the joints, brain, muscles, nervous system, and hormonal systems.  This is an immune response, and it is serious.  Now, the incursion of the Celiac diagnosis into modern life has grown dramatically over the past 10 years.  This appears to be significantly related to stress, which alters non-coding gene segments, which is then passed onto future generations.  This stress can come in many forms:...

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