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It costs pennies...

Uncategorized May 24, 2020

What does it cost to heal?

Let's ask a better question, what does it cost to be sick?

The CDC says low energy carries a cost of 20K per year.

Diabetes ranges from 13 to 20K per year.

Cancer comes in at 10 to 30K per month.

Now, many people like to assert themselves well...I am just tired, or I am just having Thyroid issues.

So, what is that fatigue? At a minimum, it is cells that can't sustain lifeforce.  If that thought doesn't scare the daylight out of you, I am not sure what to say.

Cells that can't sustain a vibrant lifeforce can't send signals, can't speak to each other, can't differentiate...can't defend against infection, can't prevent cancer, can't take in nutrients, can't clear toxins, can't respond to hormonal signals….

Small decreases in lifeforce which aren't repaired will continue.  Their evolution trends to autoimmune disease, cancer, dementia, Parkinson's and MS...just to name a few.

Without cell energy, hormonal systems become...

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Mind Trash Talk

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2020

Motivation is not a mind thing, it is a fuel and cell experience.

If you find you keep saying to yourself...If I could just get the motivation, I could feel better….

I can say with certainty, you are suffering from cell exhaustion.

It is not your mind.

We kill ourselves under the weight of self-judgement, bearing ourselves for being lazy, unmotivated,  not enough and more when we are actually EXHAUSTED.

You do not solve exhaustion by doing more, so lest you think...if I could only get into the gym, if I could only do more it would all even out.

This is mind trash talk, you are guilting yourself into shame and apathy and those emotions are incapable of restoration, those emotions are not aligned with life.  Living here is dangerous, we keep pushing forward, assuming it is us, we aren’t doing enough, we aren’t owning our life, when in reality….


Exhaustion is a funny thing, because we lose connection with it, and...

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What hangovers tell us about healing

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2020

It's funny, we are a collection of life...70 trillion cells working in concert, collaborating, cooperating, all with a focus on one goal...the best experience for us...the individual experiencing life.  Yet, when we are offered healing, it ends up being about subduing those cells, reining them in, corralling them into function...when they were championing us the whole time.

Doesn’t it strike you as odd, that our healing model assumes ignorance and dysfunction?  Doesn’t it seem so out of alignment to what we have experienced our whole life?

I mean think about it, when has your body not tried to help you heal?

When you fell off your bike as a kid...did your skin scab over and eventually heal even though you didn’t tell it to?

When you have had a cold or the flu....did your body send all kinds of complex immune modulators to the right spots to clean up the mess even though you wouldn’t have the foggiest idea of how to direct it to do all of...

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Vitality Isn't Found In A Pill

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2020

I read this quote the other day by an old Chinese Doctor who said: 

"People who think healing is found in supplements or even just in diet are looking at the branches of the tree without ever considering the root."

No words could ever be more true.

I see this so much, especially in the Functional Medicine world, people telling me about how their Functional doc ran tons of tests and then put them on 16 or 17 supplements all of which they had to take 3 times per day.  Basically, ending up swallowing handfuls of pills for every meal. But they didn’t see a resolution, so the same doc then decides maybe it is mold, maybe it is metals, maybe you have SIBO, and comes another round of tests and another round or rounds of supplements.

This is the look at the branches not the root approach to healing.  Over and over, evaluating the branches for what the ailment is, and of course, never being able to settle on a singular root cause...because there are hundreds of...

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Is that Free?

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2020

One of the oldest writings in Chinese Medicine is by a man many say may not have existed, and yet, his words echo today at the root of how we actually heal.

Those who know when to halt are unharmed.

[Tao Te Ching chapter 44]

Halting, an act some quantify as lazy, for others as without ambition, and yet still others as without desire.

Isn’t it funny, we all crave balance, crave rest, crave a break, to be refilled and yet we strive to overcome those desires with focus, determination, and will.  And yet, as we do so, what we seek becomes even further from where we are.  

Our constant going, our constant drive, in an effort to achieve the goal of being free, the goal of independence, a break, of rest, of security, and we find ourselves feeling empty, without help, energy, resources, peace, joy, love, creativity and health.

Is that free? 

We push past reason because we do not want to be the one who “gave up” or “settled for...

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From Zombie to living again?

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2020


That’s what someone described their life like the other day.  Walking through, apparently animated, but on repeat. Too many women are living this way, animated but not alive, constantly accepting less and less from life because they are giving less and less to it.  Wondering sometimes how they got here, wondering how it could ever change, all alternating with numb acceptance.

Once you “exist” for long enough in that limbo of being technically alive but not living, it all starts to blur, becoming less and less weird, less and less painful, as you grow in apathy to the impact and the depth.  

This is how an estimated 60% of women over 40 are living...apathetic, numb, exhausted, and declining.

One would think there would be a movement in medicine to remedy this, an effort to understand it, or at least explain it...but that’s not happening.  

If answers are given at all, it is usually quantified as: 


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Yeah, every day I hear the same story from stressed and exhausted women

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2020

Yeah, every day I hear the same story from stressed and exhausted women. "I'm so tired, nothing works anymore and I feel like giving up... I don't know what to do, I've tried everything and I'm sick of feeling like shit..... every... single... freaking... day!!!!!"

Why does it seem when we women hit our 40s and 50s we slam a wall of exhaustion, get fatter and find ourselves ripping out our hair trying to get everything to align to our minds and our health? Why do we keep putting our needs and desires on the back shelf, then try to force a different outcome?

Can I ask, is it because as a women, you turned to force, will and control after giving everything to everyone else? Is it because you always put yourself second, all you had was force, willpower and control just to make do for your "right now" needs?

Do you find yourself saying," I just need to use even more force, will and control to get through this, again?"

The thing is, when we burn through this life force, it...

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Are you hibernating?

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2020

Did you know humans enter hibernation-like states?

No, we don’t go to sleep for weeks at a time, but we do enter pre-hibernation states physiologically.  See, hibernation is a state of low energy use for purposes of survival. In this state, the body conserves energy to run most basic functions in order to keep the organism alive when there are limited resources available or the body perceives it to be that way.

This is chronic stress.

This is where most modern people are living.

We experience it a bit differently...ok, a lot differently, but physiologically, it is a similar state.

See, in hibernation, bears mobilize stored fat to be used for energy, they do this by use of stress hormones, in this state, their cells adapt to lower function states in order to stay alive in the winter conditions.  Some physiological events which characterize this are: 

Low body temperature

Low pulse rate

Mental dullness

Low energy

Sound like anyone you know?

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Dialed in or Dialing Down?

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2020

Stress is really high right now, so many things to pay attention to in the world, it is as if the only stories we can find are ones where tragedy has struck.

Have you ever thought about what all that “news” does to our own life?

I know, on the one hand is the desire to stay aware and on the other the desire to turn it off.  I often wonder if the constant news cycle is creating more stress, which then creates more exhaustion which then creates more pain, panic, and guarding.

The thing is, our body doesn’t know the difference between being guarded from an event we read about or one we live through.

We cannot change society or build up peace from a state of guarded pain. This is key, Einstein said: 

“You cannot solve a problem from the same mindset that created it.”

Yet, isn’t that what we are living right now?  Pain, exhaustion, worry, fear, panic...that’s where many are existing, day after day, is it any wonder we...

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Imagination and Action

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2020
Einstein said that in order to have the experience you want in the world, you must be able to imagine it being so.
Let's think about this...
What are you spending your mental currency on? After all, that is imagining, isn't it?
Is it on bounty and growth on joy and peace on love and prosperity...or is it on pain, fatigue, suffering, frustration, and how nothing works?
See, the first step is belief, the first step is the willingness to see another reality.
It isn't the final step, see, the imagining opens the door for action to take hold of what we most want in life.
Imagining opens possibility and possibility is fostered by what we do with it.
Too many times, we imagine and we dream but we stay stuck right where we are and we say...I did the imagining, I did the mental work, I set my intention...but nothing happened...that must be what other people get.
But this just isn't true.
What those other people got...
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