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Better Than Organic?

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2014

To my surprise, these words were used to describe products sold and distributed by a direct sales company and were uttered as proof and testimonial as to the products efficacy and standing. The description was qualified under the banner of our collective decreased time, hectic schedules and increasing demands, mixed in with our ever-growing despair about health, and desire to improve it.  Argument was further made as to the expense of organic food, the likelihood it would rot in our fridge, and that this company’s non-organic but non-GMO products were the “better than organic” solution to the problem.

Considering the dramatic state of our food supply, claiming non-GMO to be in fact better than organic is beyond incredulous.  Non-GMO means only one thing, the products or substrates in question were not genetically modified.  It says nothing about the manner in which a crop was grown, the degree of pesticide application or the quality of ingredients,...

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Coconut Macadamia Nut Chocolate Pie

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2014

Macadamia Nut Crust

1 cup Organic Macadamia Nuts
1 cup unsweetened Organic Dried Coconut
2 TBSP Raw Organic Coconut Oil
4 TBSP Organic Grade B Maple Syrup
2 pinches of Celtic Sea Salt

Blend all ingredients in a food processor and press into a pie pan.  Then refrigerate or put in freezer until filling is ready.


Chocolate Ganache

1 cup Organic Raw Cocoa Powder
1 cup Organic Grade B Maple Syrup
2 TBSP Organic Raw Coconut Oil

Blend all ingredients in food processor until smooth.  This can be used as a filling for a pie, as a topping for ice cream or with nuts, bananas……let your imagination roam!

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Most Doctors Know Nothing About Healing

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2014

Doctors hold their title because they have completed schooling, whether Naturopathic or Conventional, they are at least by name people who could complete a degree program. Having the title infers nothing about their ability to think clearly, independently, or with innovation, the hallmarks of what truly makes a good physician aka, one who helps others heal.

When I first graduated from school, I was a doctor but in my approximation now, 10 years after the fact, not really a physician. I could name a plethora of conditions, remedies, blood, and other tests, what they were used for, and possible side effects of so many things, but I had little true understanding of healing. My real training came after I graduated, when faced with real-life patients who rarely present or respond like the textbook says they will.

As I watch how medicine is practiced today, and witness the total infallibility given to doctors by their patients, I grow ever more concerned for our future ability to...

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Before You Make A New Year's Resolution, Consider This

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2013

With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, it is the time of “fresh starts” and “resolutions” leading many to consider starting a new diet. Every year, it begins the same way, weight slowly accumulating, leading up to holiday indulgence, creating a scenario where people overindulge under the pretense that come the new year, they are going to be on a diet anyway.  A great plan, except for the reality that few if any accomplish weight loss goals set for the New Year, and most diets will fail by the second week into 2014, indicating that the premise may have been flawed, to begin with.

The entire concept of a diet often ends up being an exercise in self-punishment, tinged with a lot of self-judgment, and criticism bound up in feelings of diminished self-worth, and a bit of regret.  That is not to say that people cannot lose weight by eating well, but if any aspect of this new plan has emotionally charged restrictions, negative self-talk, or...

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Enhance Your Health Potential

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2013

Would You Like To:

  1. Strengthen your natural immunity to lower-vibrating toxins, energies, pathogens, situations, and even people.
  2. Increase the power of your bioenergy blueprint, or “attractor fields,” to pull higher-vibrating individuals and outcomes into your life.

The benefits of increasing your individual vibration can range from coming down with fewer colds and flus, to having more friends and greater financial support, to being able to safely and gracefully navigate even the most difficult challenges.

Raising your personal frequency also encourages detoxification of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual hindrances that are no longer a fit for your evolving consciousness.

These statements apply to an experience called DNA Activation or Potentiation which is now available at Seven Directions, here are my insights from my own work with this process:

In August of 2013, my husband and I were invited to lecture at the People’s Institute in Delton MI.  I...

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Uncategorized Dec 05, 2013

Diabetes is a very misunderstood health topic. Medical doctors have simplified it to be about carbohydrates and insulin and not much more. In reality, diabetes is a complex inflammatory condition with roots in toxicity and autoimmune reactions prompted by numerous factors including GMO foods, pesticide exposure, heavy metals, vaccines, liver stress, lifestyle stress, and poor general health.

The fact is, most diabetics eat less than 100g of carbohydrate per day and still experience elevated blood sugar. Many avoid carbohydrates altogether and yet still experience high blood sugar, illustrating a serious but never considered fact that diabetes has significant other instigators beyond sugar. Now, food has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. Most of what can be bought in the grocery store is 80-100% GMO, and has been shown to hinder immunity, create autoimmune reactions, destroy gut and endocrine function.  Since the pancreas is in fact another endocrine organ, it makes...

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Gluten Intolerance And The Importance Of Eating Organic

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2013

Is Gluten the Culprit?  Or is the current societal attention on gluten a case of misdirection?  This is the question I have been investigating lately, and my answer is simply that Gluten sensitivity although real and profound, is in fact a dramatic case of misdirection.  Before all of those suffering with gluten issues become enraged, please follow me through this.

Gluten sensitivity has grown in diagnosis over the past 10 years, and with good reason, more and more people find that by avoiding gluten, they feel more energetic, their pain symptoms dramatically decrease and their body improves in numerous ways.  In addition, many who have taken steps to avoid this protein also find exposure to one tiny smidge of gluten sends them into physical despair.  All of this is common and very real, but how we got here and the way gluten issues then shape our understanding of what is healthy has been poorly investigated and understood at best.

Once someone goes...

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Gratitude's Impact On Your Health

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2013

Gratitude has a profound effect on our physical self, beyond it’s ability to create a warm fuzzy feeling, there are noticeable physical changes associated with an experience of gratitude. In fact, many studies have been done to document exactly what physical effects can be identified through gratitude practices, here are a few:

  • In a study where participants spent time each day in an experience of appreciation and gratitude, there was a mean 23% reduction in cortisol and a 100% increase in DHEA/DHEAS in the subjects. Increased coherence in heart rate variability patterns were measured in 80% of the subjects during the use of the techniques."
  • In another study, a group of Chinese researchers looked at the combined effects of gratitude and sleep quality on symptoms of anxiety and depression. They found that higher levels of gratitude were associated with better sleep, and with lower anxiety and depression.
  • Studies on the impact of gratitude directly on DNA have found that...
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Meditation Makes Treatments More Effective

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2013

I have been spending a lot of time reading about physics, particle physics in particular and its implications for our understanding of our body, its relationship to the world surrounding us, and its associations with how our physical body experiences life.  I should preface this with saying that I was never adept in physics, it confounded me in undergraduate school, in fact, I barely made it through.  However, as I delve deeper into how we heal, how we become ill, and why the body does certain things, it has become necessary to also look at physics. I will not delve into particle discussions here or try to illuminate complex studies for which I am only grasping the edges, the intent in mentioning this is to highlight one absolute fact prevalent and pervasive among much of particle physics, which is:

Everything, absolutely everything in the universe is connected, acting according to a complex interplay of energy, waves, and particles much of which is influenced by sound and...

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Is Taking The Easy Way Out Hurting You?

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2013

I have a good friend who practices Ayurvedic medicine.  When asked about things I could do to maximize how my body functions, she told me to begin my day by doing a whole body self-massage with warm coconut oil followed by a warm bath.  This is apparently, a traditional Ayurvedic treatment to nourish the body and clear toxins and stagnation.  Although it initially meant I had to get up a bit earlier than usual, I have found that this simple routine has brought more energy and vitality to my day in a wonderful and powerful manner. The significant change I received from such a simple treatment reminded me of how often we eschew methods and processes that require a bit of work on our part for more seemingly expedient paths.

In reflecting on this, I have recalled how many times patients have told me that they could not possibly eat regular meals, or drink adequate water on a regular basis because their schedule could not accommodate it or they had a general distain for...

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