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Myths Of A Healthy Metabolism

Uncategorized May 02, 2019

Do you believe to have a HIGH metabolism you have to WORK hard for your caloric BURN?

Here’s some TRUTH: Just because you are "burning" lots of calories does not mean your metabolism is HIGH. living in a hyper-adrenaline state (stressed state) your body may require lots of calories but this will not equal a high metabolic rate. A healthy/high metabolic rate will burn lots of calories at REST, supporting all body systems.

There is a difference between a stressed metabolism and a healthy metabolism, despite what almost all health professionals and exercise and weight loss gurus will tell you.  Even though they both may utilize a lot of energy.

The high adrenaline/stress/cortisol/high estrogen state usually comes at the expense of depriving energy to many systems of the body.

When this is true for us, sleep is usually poor, and in addition, we have low libido, anxiety, low concentration, cold body, inability to gain muscle, depression, etc.

People living in a...

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Case Study: Beth

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2019

Beth came to us with 50 extra pounds, exhausted, worn down, not sleeping, angry and sullen often, stressed out and hormonally unbalanced with PMS, menstrual headaches, tendency to migraines, loss of libido and joint pains.

She worked with us for 20 weeks and here is what she experienced: 
Dramatic improvement in energy
Feeling calm, peaceful and joyful again
Sleep much improved
Release of PMS
Release of Headaches
Joint Pain Gone
Weight: moving, but more importantly, she learned that she had been under-feeding herself for YEARS and now, she is in the process of feeding her metabolism and healing it
Her libido is returning (happy husband)
Release of excess estrogen and better Thyroid balance
Return of creativity

Beth is a challenging case, she is working on solving what amounts to 30 years of wear down, considering she was anorexic as a teen, and diagnosed with PCOS then as well. She now gets how to be nourished, how to relax and actually enjoy life and she knows it only gets better...

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Are you settling?

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2019

Just yesterday, I was having a conversation with a client who said... "how many people do you think settle for less than they want because it seems scary, foreign, too hard or out of their norm to do something about it?"  She then said... "imagine how many people never take a leap...do you think it bothers them when they are 80 and realize they always went for usual and never awesome?"

Are you settling? Does it bother you? Do you secretly worry that you will look back at life with regret?

How about changing that now?

We have time set up in the next week to speak to women who refuse to settle, who want amazing and awesome and abundant everything.

If this is you, set up a time with us, let’s see how awesome your life can be.


Dr. Julie
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Case Study - Donna D

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2019

Donna D

  • Regained mobility after being restricted due to inflammatory and autoimmune issues.
  • Learned to put herself first.
  • Spending time going to her daughters games which she previously has got miss because she couldn’t do it.

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Are you stuck in bitchy mode?

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2019

So I was picking up wood-fired pizza the other day, as I'm standing waiting, a family walks in, husband, wife, two girls, the place was packed, they were scouting to see if there were any available spots at the bar. Finding no open space, I catch the wife do this voice that I think every woman has done in her life... it is that almost demonic, angry, but under your breath voice, you know the one I'm talking about, the one that is filled with rage and frustration, but you're also trying to be publicly appropriate and hold it all in.

And I thought to myself, how many times do we get to that place where we're just so overdone that we resort to this part of us, that isn't us.

It's all the surface stuff. You know, that voice for her was probably a long day, kids that had been squabbling, not having had enough sleep, having a low libido, so she hasn't had a good orgasm in who knows how long, spending her life focusing on all the other things.

Then the endless barrage of internal...

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Meditation doesn't stop stress

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2019

Despite what a lot of people think when they hear the word stress, it isn't a need to calm down.

Most think I just need to calm down, I just need more calming space, I just meet need more yoga, meditation, breathwork and essential oils.

But, that's not really what's being called for when we talk about stress response.

Although meditation can be good, although yoga can be good, although breathing can be good, it isn't it.

See, stress is often mistaken for a need for these things because the word is used in so many contexts.

So, we get caught thinking that all of these “stress release” techniques are going to deal with the cellular problem of being stuck in stress mode, but they simply can't.

Stress release techniques are amazing for when we are in a state of overwhelm where we feel like we're being stretched to our limit, they bring us back down closer to an equilibrium point.

The problem is, most people's equilibrium point is 10 notches above their ideal.

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How scarcity hijacks our life

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2019

Are you living life from a scarcity or an abundance mindset?

Now, I want you to think carefully, a lot of people's gut reaction is to say, I am focused on my abundance,  because they use a lot of positive thinking, but there's a vast difference between positive thinking and abundance.

Let me ask you, when you choose what foods you're going to eat or what diet you're going to follow, do you do it according to the negatives?

Those foods will inflame me, those foods will make me fat, those foods will make me feel tired, those foods are said to be bad for the gut, those foods are said to be bad for the cells. Do you choose your food that way or do you choose your foods because they can invigorate your cells and allow for energy?

Do you choose with words like these foods allow my gut to heal, these foods nourish my thyroid, these foods turn my liver into a hormone converting amazing machine, these foods nourish my spleen, these foods nourish my kidneys?

You see, making...

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Addiction to stress or freedom?

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

A lot of us are terrified to end the effects of stress in our life.

Sounds strange, doesn't it? Terrified…..but, many of us are addicted to the adrenaline state associated with high stress.

We don't think we are, we think, oh my gosh, I'd love a break, oh my gosh, I’d love to have some rest, but the reality is, the adrenaline state is hyper addictive.

It is why we like high-intensity exercise and why we like extreme diets and why we like to be multitasking and to have a million things to do, and why we like it when our phone is constantly buzzing with notifications.

Our cells are used to a high adrenaline state. We are comfortable living there and even though it is definitely the cause of cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes, chronic pain and arthritis among many other things, we are terrified to let it go.

There's a part of us that fears….if I step out of that, then what the heck is there?

I won't get anything done. I’ll be useless.


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Isn't it time?

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2019

There's something funny I've observed over and over, we will, without pause, take time off for illness.

When we've ignored our health long enough and it actually turns into something that requires surgery or hospitalization or bed rest, we manage to make that happen.

We take time off work, we take time off our life, we spend money on our therapies, we make it a priority. At the same time, people in our life, they manage to still eat, they don't fall apart.

But I've noticed that we balk many times in many ways, at taking time off of our life for healing, as if that is a gratuitous use of our time. It's as if people regard time spent on health to be equivalent to a spa day or a spa weekend. Not that those would be bad things to do, but it's almost as if taking time off for healing is ridiculous without there being horrific illness or horrific consequences that we're trying to deal with.

So are you waiting for a horrific reason to take time for healing? Are you waiting for it to be so...

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Ready to live a new story?

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2019

I just read an article talking about how our lives are really a compilation of the narrative that we've put together to represent our lives, and at any moment we can change that narrative.

We can make small edits and in doing so we can alter what the story says, and because we are the authors of the story, we are in effect altering so much more than that. We were altering the future. We're altering the present, altering the past. So, the question becomes what are the edits that were willing to make? What does it look like to edit our story?

I have found that edits to the story come with choosing a definitive next step and definitive next option for action transformation and change.

Staking the claim in a space that we've never been in before. Starting to believe in something that we had never played.


It's funny, but the reason why so many of us keep having the same experiences is because we're living in the same narrative that we've been living out our whole life.


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