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The other option is watered down

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2019

I've noticed a really peculiar phenomena with women in their fifties... there's either a sense of urgency:

I want to live out loud now

or there is a sense of….

I don't know, maybe I have time, let me see….I'm gonna try 15 more options before I take a big leap.

Now, we all know how time seems to speed up as we traverse our life. We've been in that space where you realize something that feels like it happened six months ago happened three years ago and the funny thing is, when it comes to our body, we don't have a leeway of playing with the next five years in maybes and halfways and not done but almost there.

Our physiology has limits and when we cross those limits, it's done.

I look at these beautiful women in their fifties who are filled with vision for life...ideas of thriving and participating in big, dynamic, bountiful, beautiful ways.

Yet, too often,  I watch them shrink back into the space of exhaustion, the space of wear down and fatigue.


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How To Change Your Life In The Next Five Minutes

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2019

Here’s how you can change your life in the next 5 minutes...

Ask yourself….what is the experience like to be a cell inside my body?  Is it a life where I feel happy...relaxed...joyful...peaceful? Does much of life feel constrained and tight? Does my daily experience involve large amounts of negativity or worry? Or Does it feel like there is a constant supply of nourishment?

Maybe you have never thought about the cellular experience inside of you, maybe you have always considered your body as a whole...but there is something magical about thinking at the cellular level.  

Our dreams, purpose, vision and even our goals find their fostering inside the cell...in the experience of being alive and being us.  So, ask yourself, am I experiencing the fostering, nurturing and expansion of my purpose, my vision, my goals?

See, each cell has a different personality...or as my 11 year old puts it...each cell is a universe unto itself.  I love this thought because...

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The Three Personalities Of Chronic Disease And How To Change Them

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2019

Let's be honest, most of us don’t care a huge amount about our health until we don’t feel well.
I hate to break it to you, but most of us have so little understanding of what “feeling well” means that we have been languishing in not being well for a long time before we pay attention. Consequently, too often we hear stories about people who “were so healthy” or “so vital and always seemed so well” followed by some story of how that changed seemingly in an instant.

Here’s the deal, there are a lot of warning indicators of future illness, but no one has taught you to pay attention.  I suppose the most feared “silent” health crisis are heart disease or more specifically a heart attack, cancer and now a growing concern for cognitive decline issues like Alzheimer's. I know, in my practice the fear of these is prevalent and common.

But what if I told you these aren't really silent conditions after all?  What if...

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So the truth is, healing is never going to be convenient

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2019

So the truth is, healing is never going to be convenient. There are times where it's a bit easier, times where it's more aligned, but there's going to be an aspect of it for each of us that is totally inconvenient.

So for some people that is a time constraint. “I don't really have time to put new things into my schedule”  “I don't really have time to adopt new behaviors or to have to cook differently or to have to take an extra trip to the grocery store”.
For other people, it's going to be a financial constraint “It's really not convenient right now to spend money on me”  “If it were less expensive, it would be an easier decision”.
I hear this all the time and I can honestly say, it's no wonder that we get drawn so far down because seemingly, there are 10 million things which will always come before us.
There's a huge disconnect there.
I hear from women all the time, talking about the need to pay...
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Maybe you don't need willpower

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2019

People always tell me with big regret

“I'm a total sugar addict”, I hear it multiple times a week.  

It is always said from a place of “I failed, my willpower failed”.

Often combined to that is not only am I a sugar addict, but I'm actually an emotional eater, I eat when I'm stressed.

Let me give you some truth... of course, you eat when you're stressed.

Now, I get we've been taught that our control mechanism for food is totally flawed we've really been influenced by the Diet Industries, by the biggest loser contests, by every fitness and shape magazine, especially the new year issues.

My gosh, in January every article title is something about, beat the sugar, fight the bulge.

And so we've literally been programmed, first of all, to assume that everything our body asks of us is wrong, and secondly, that we aren't able to know what our body needs, and the only solution is to white knuckle our cravings with tea, water, exercise, distractions or anything...

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How To Get Meaning Back In Your Life

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2019
I had this rather unpleasant realization the other day.
It came while I was listening to one of my clients speaking about their life. The thing is, the conversation was usual, digestion, energy, hormones, mindset, aspects of how she spends her time, her kids, basics.
She wasn’t feeling awful by any means, more “off” and “not well” rather than sick or dramatically impacted.
But there was this other thing in the conversation, I could feel it, just couldn’t define it until this morning.
She is like many women, non-stop, caring for her home, her family, preparing meals, making sure everyone’s needs are being met. Most days, these activities engage her from waking to just before bed.
There is nothing wrong with her life.
But what hit me today, as I pondered why I felt so empty as I thought about that conversation was this:
There was no meaning there. It was a tale of strung together...
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Storage units and unlimited living

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2019

I was driving down the road the other day in my town, which is a suburb of Detroit, I had this realization. See, there are two self-storage places within a half-mile of each other, which got me thinking, what do people put in their self-storage units?

Here there are these big complexes filled with little garages where people lock up stuff that they don't need right now but don't want to get rid of.

It made me wonder what do they own so much of that they don't need to use right now but that they also don't want to part with?

We've all seen the tv shows about these units that people just stopped paying on, then, the stuff gets auctioned off and sometimes inside these places people find stuff that's worth, you know, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100,000 dollars.

On one hand, the person who owned that unit could have sold that [email protected] long ago and given themselves the chance to craft an entirely new existence, invested in something that would have changed their health, their business,  their...

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Metabolic Vitality VS Stress Induced Weight Loss

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2019
A common theme when I talk to women is: I managed to maintain my weight most of my life or I've always carried extra, but I could always bring it down, cut out a bit more, and then I would have it under control.  But, by the time they're talking to me, they're at a place where they don't seem to be able to do that anymore. Saying: I can cut more, it doesn't have the same impact.
Cutting things out...seems to be the mantra of what constitutes a diet now, cutting carbs, cutting calories, cutting protein or fats...seems like almost everywhere one looks, there are theory-based diets looking to cut a major dietary force out of our diet.
What most people don't realize is, cutting things out of the Diet in an extreme way creates a sense of urgency and stress in our system and system stress equates to STRESS HORMONES.
Sometimes our body will happily lose weight under the influence of stress hormones because transiently, that's what they do...after all, that's how...
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Do you trust you?

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2019
Do you have faith in your body?
I mean sincerely. Do you have faith in your body's ability to thrive?
Do you have faith that it is doing everything correctly according to the information that's been given?
Do you have faith that your body knows how to repair itself?
Do you have faith in your cellular systems? Have you ever even thought about them?
Have you ever thought about your Mitochondria, or your cell receptors or your cell membranes?
Now, if you don't, your mitochondria are where among other things, energy is produced inside each and every cell. Literally, the spark of life is generated inside each and every cell through a complex series of communication reactions.
So, do you have faith that your mitochondria can keep making energy?
I ask because if you are accepting, well, I guess being tired is just part of aging, or I guess joints do hurt over 40, I guess it's normal to have a hormonal imbalance, or to not sleep so well, or...
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Is waiting for tomorrow becoming never?

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019
I hear people say all the time how expensive they feel it is to heal.
And yet, I wonder, is it healing that is expensive or rather not having healed, and the cost of staying put or waiting for tomorrow?
If you look up the simple costs of the most common conditions people present with, the costs are grim at best:
Fatigue: 2000/year
Insomnia: 2200-2400/year
Obesity: 2000/year
Diabetes: 13000/year
Heart Conditions: 18000/year
Cancer: up to 30,000/month
Autoimmune Disease: 2-10,000/year
Chronic Pain: 2000-15000/year
Those costs don’t even include the random doctor visits, the supplements bought on the hope they will work, or specialty foods bought because one blogger said this diet saved their life.
Plus, figuring that women over 40 are 60% more likely to end up on Prescription meds than men, and that the average cost of those meds in women over 50 is 90/month, if you manage to live to 80, at those rates, you can plan to spend 32,400 over that...
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