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The Kidney, A Chinese Medicine Understanding

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2017

The Many Dimensions Of The Kidney

In the practice of Acupuncture, we understand the body as a complex interplay of energy systems, meridians and organs. However, when an acupuncturist talks about an organ, like the spleen, heart, or kidneys, they are not referring to the physical organ that sits inside your body, but rather the energetic side of these organs. This facet of the organ is much bigger than just the physical, and governs dynamic attributes within the body on many levels.

The kidney system is one of the most important of these energetic organ systems.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys represent the deepest, most fundamental levels of energy in the human body. They are said to be the root of yin and yang - two fundamental forces at play in our physiology. The kidneys also store a substance called “essence” that is our genetic code, our life force, and our reproductive ability.

The kidneys in Chinese Medicine are related to the water element,...

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Your Heart: Stress, Nourishment and Balance

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2017

One of the most fascinating attributes of the Chinese Medicine system is how each organ has physical and mental, emotional, and spiritual and seasonal qualities. Since it is the Hallmark month of love, let's explore the Heart.

The heart season is summer, and heart is considered the most yang: warm, bountiful and abundant. Yang is what is bright, moving, outward, hot, and loud. Yin is what is more inward, still, dark, and cool. The heart is associated with the color red, and with warm seasons, it's resonant flavor is bitter (which is actually the true flavor of chocolate) and it’s paired organ is the small intestine (interestingly, many urinary issues are due to “heart fire” heat descending). The sense organ aligned with the heart is the tongue. Its sound is laughing, and its emotion is joy.

The heart houses what is known as the shen, which can be loosely translated to mean the spirit, consciousness, the mind of the soul. In Classical Chinese Medicine, it is said...

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Ancestral Inheritance: Trauma and Blessings

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2016

I suppose now, more than ever, we as a world are tuned in to a need for healing, a need to connect and be restored. But sometimes, this is a frightening place to land, because the need is so huge and the obstacles appear so large. What we must remember, what we cannot forget is our ancestors, no matter what their circumstances, no matter what their patterns were, in fact, holding space for our placement now. For what else can it be we are here to do other than heal?  Listen to Dr. Julie speak about our role in the healing of the world we live in, and the unlimited blessings held within us all the time.

DR. Julie on Ancestral Inheritance and Unlimited Blessings

Listen Here


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The Acupuncture Reset Button

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2016

I often laughingly say I spend my day giving people medicinal naps. It’s a joke but profoundly true, as Acupuncture…which I spend most days facilitating, if done right can really press our reset button, something from what I can see, we as a population are in desperate need of.

It’s a sad fact that in our modern life, we rarely stop and just be still. In fact, just the other day, I had two separate conversations with patients about the lack of time in their lives for simple stopping. Burdened under a litany of “should do’s” and “must do’s” many find their day racing along, finally almost screeching to a halt around 9 or 10 when they concede that yes, tomorrow will come all too soon and it must be time to crawl in bed.

So, how do we navigate this unwieldy terrain of modern responsibility? I suppose our collective rates of coffee, beer, and sugar consumption are one way…not the most-healthy or balanced but certainly a way....

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How Do I Know My Activation Is Working?

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2015

How do I know my activation is working? 

I get asked all the time "How do I know my activation is working?" after all, there are no lab tests we can run, no specific markers or indicators as to effect so how can we know it works?  To this, I often ask the following questions:

Have you had shifting in your physical body in the form of symptom changes? Or even episodes of worsening of pain, digestion, energy, sleep, hormones, or any other old symptoms?  

Have you had changes to your life patterns including but not limited to increased revenue in your business? New job or a better job environment? More clients, easier time generating business, more productivity, more creativity? 

Have you had changes within valued relationships? This can emerge as the ending of toxic relationships or the emergence of stronger ties within those of great value but often there are perceived changes. 

Have you seen Improvements in mental state? 



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Regenetics versus other DNA Activations

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2015

When I found Regenetics, I had never heard the term DNA activations, and now almost 2 years later, the term, practice, and experience is a cornerstone to not only my professional life but to my own deep healing and transformation.  That being said, I have to assume most people have no idea what this term references and have really realized recently just how confusing a simple internet search of DNA activation can be.  Prompted by my husband asking me to define how what I offer is different from what else is out there, I spent a day reading websites of those who offer DNA activations which are not part of the Regenetics series and what I found was not only surprising, but in some cases alarming.  
I have to say, I have not received any of the healing methods defined by others as DNA healing, and furthermore, have no intention to do so. I am biased towards Regenetics because in my personal journey and in what I have observed in others, it is a method which...

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Put Down The Salad!

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2015

Too much media attention has been given to the salad. I will admit, in some cases, salads are full of wonderful fresh ingredients, and therefore offer vegetables that would otherwise not have been consumed. However, the real truth behind what a salad can offer just doesn’t match up with the hype. As a result, too many people are eating salad assuming their health is being boosted while in fact, it may in fact be reduced!

Chinese Medicine, and Ayurvedic Medicine both agree raw foods are not the ideal way to nourish your body, they are hard to digest, drain your qi, reduce your digestive abilities and often lead to fatigue, and even weight gain!  Here are some facts about raw foods from a Chinese Medicine perspective:

  1. Raw foods are generally cold in nature: this cold hinders our ideally warm body.  Imagine it this way: your stomach wants to function at 98.6 degrees, when a cold food enters, the first thing the body has to do, is warm it. Think about the energy...
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Dr. Julie's Elucidation Observations

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2015

Today, June 30th, I complete my 42-week Elucidation cycle, marking just over 84 weeks since I first began my Regenetics journey.  On Thursday, July 2nd, I will begin the fourth phase, Transcension. Amidst blessing and pain, awareness, and release, the past 84 weeks have shifted what I can only call my core self, my most authentic being-ness, and allowed me to access what I have always known was there, but never had a vehicle to reach.

It is a funny thing, to have spent years studying and practicing mindfulness, cultivating peace, living awareness only to discover the world outside of the veil.  Pondering the what if's: what if the inherent fragmentation we all possess before activation is the linking factor in our global struggle to balance? What if it is the reason we fall back time and time again into patterns which do not support a life-affirming mantra for our planet? What if it is the reason we desire to be right, or control others, or even the reason we have yet to...

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Top Tips For Summer Breast Health

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2015

For all the women out there, with the beginning of summer, I want to encourage you to spend this summer bra-free, antiperspirant free and with minimal sunblock.  More than likely, that statement challenges a few strongly held beliefs, but I have good reasons for all these suggestions.

Going bra-less is not just an idea from hippies of the 1960s, it lends its self to better breast health over the long term.  At the conclusion of a 15-year French study on bra wearing, the evidence suggested wearing a bra limits ligament and muscle strength in bra tissue thus contributing to sagging over time.  Furthermore, limiting movement hinders lymphatic drainage. The breast is an essential lymphatic tissue vessel, and is extremely prone to inflammation.  Women who ditch their bra have more natural movement, thus providing stimulation of lymphatic flow in the armpit and therefore allowing the body a vehicle for removing toxicity from the tissues.
Which leads us to our...
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You Don't Need Permission To Heal

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2015

Speaking with a friend the other night, this phrase entered the conversation: "permission to heal."  At first, I considered it from the perspective of self permission, and for sure, found within so many of those I have worked with over the years, a sense of not giving our self permission to heal.  But then I considered it from the simple implications of the word permission and found myself recoiling from this word.

Surrounded by ways we are expected to ask for permission, I found myself feeling blocked at the idea of asking for permission once again.  After all, isn't this what we do at the doctors office? We enter full of trepidation and fear, we meekly tell what we are experiencing, we hope they are listening, we wait for them to make their assessment and then we accept their assignment of our self as whatever illness, diagnosis or designation they have come up with.  If we challenge these designations in most cases, we find ourselves alienated, and pushed...

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